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    Squad Play Idea

    Thought in regards to squad play: Would it be an idea to have X number (possible 4 squads of 4 due to map size) of squads all competing for one loot crate, they can either run to the loot crate and quickly extract (giving each squad member an item) or they could brawl it out to take the loot the other squads bought with them and extract (or carry on for the loot crate). Take all other loot off the map. The only loot available is what the players bring in or the golden shiny loot crate in the middle of the map! Would love to hear what people think of this.
  2. II FaiD II

    Is Ranking/Leveling an option?

    Couldnt agree more that leveling/ranks should give no advantage. Just another thing for players to work towards. Also on a side note, it could be used to help matchmaking - matching you with players that are a similar level (implying your skill/familiarity with the game is the same). Not that I know anything about building a game, but, I can imagine that adding matchmaking changes as detailed as matching levels is probably a bit to extensive.
  3. II FaiD II

    Friends joining lobby

    Im pretty sure they have said they are currently looking into a duo game mode. Sit tight, im sure this wont be too far around the corner!
  4. Firstly, like others are saying here, great game so far! Just got off after playing it for the first time, played for around 5hrs. Will definitely boot it back up tomorrow! I'll jump straight to my point: Do people think that having some sort of ranking/leveling/character progression system would continue to give the game more replayability( < if thats even a word). Imagine everytime you kill someone you gain some bonus xp, everytime you extract successfully you gain some bonus xp etc. As you go up levels you could potentially unlock rare cosmetics (im sure someone more creative than myself could think of some better rewards). Therefor, your house is leveling up and looking badass.....and so are you! On a side note, definitely agree duo/squad is a must, map rotation/variation is a must. If the house becomes customisable, being able to invite friends in would be cool. Maybe they could then 1v1 as target practice, obviously without dying. Or you could show of your pvp stats on the chalk board you put up outside your door =-) If you made it this far, thanks for reading, would love to hear everyones thoughts on these opinions and ideas. tl:dr - Maybe a ranking/leveling system would add to the rellayability what do you think?