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  1. same problem!!! firing and reloading are the highest priority for survival pvp games, this bug must be fixed ASAP! thanks
  2. Milan Titko

    Facebook group for CZ and SVK players

    Hello, If you are from Czech or Slovak join us to Facebook group "Vigor Xbox one CZ/SK" ............... Ahoj, Ak si z Ciech alebo Slovenska pridaj sa k nam do skupiny na Facebook s názvom "Vigor Xbox one CZ/SK"
  3. Milan Titko

    Party / Group play - how?

    Hello, sorry for my bad english. how its possible make group (or party) in game? nowhere i dont see in main menu. i see few times in game 2-3 players which play together and cooperate agains me. how its possible? i dont believe its fortuity. this players looking same, have same clothes and caps (probably to get to know each other) If it possible, how i can play with my friend? thanks
  4. Milan Titko

    Settings don’t save

    hello, i have this same problem, after restart or start new game i must config controls again, again, again (turn off vibration, calibration sens Y, X etc.)