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    I love this game

    do not buy this game unless u want to be addicted for life please take this as a warning not a joke I can’t stop playing this game no other games give me that adrenaline rush and sense of satisfaction when I get off I’m harmed. After I do my work and eat this is the only thing I have on my mind like what encounter will I bdo in next -keep on surviving
  2. Bad as mg22

    Love This game

    I just want to start of with that devs your doing amazing work on this game and that all feedback negative or not is good, 1. player mobility is very strang now and it’s hard to sprint in most areas like going up hill or on a flat surface 2. Color and contrast is very white I messed with the setting but can’t seem to get the whiteness away 3. with all these new player I’ve only experienced teaming on solos 3 times Its not a issue in my opinion because I see it as free loot and a challenge 4. Keep doing an amazing job on this game devs you get a lot of hate but just know that your doing a great job on this game please don’t throw that way like dayz
  3. Bad as mg22

    Changelog 0.8.36948

    I’m so happy that u devs are making this game better and better keep up the good work 🙂
  4. Bad as mg22

    Optional first person mode?

    I want first person mode as well devs if u read this please make it happen all my friends that play vigor want fpp
  5. Bad as mg22

    Heavy weapon recoil

    I’ve recently just started to use my saved up rpk’s and pkm’s They are excellent in damage range and capacity but for how hard some of them are to obtain I can’t effectively use the gun on full auto without the recoil going to the right I’m no gun expert but I think the recoil should go up and not the right and it should be toned way down if crouched or laying down giving the bipod a use
  6. Just in the past half hour I found out you can dupe ammo,first grab a gun of your choice with no ammo load it and put it back in your stash grab it out again load it put it back if u do this many of times your inventory will be full of ammo.i only duped 60 rounds of ammo to see if this is a exploit,it is please fix this beautiful game