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  1. Cold War: Global Escalation Mod Series This thread is for my Cold War mod project, which aims to capture the feeling of the conflict while only using assets that are already existing. The mod is based on the late 80s and early 90s period and features a number of factions who are relevant for the time: the Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, the People's Republic of China, the United States, West Germany. These factions are broken into multiple mods, with the Eastern Bloc one currently being the released one. NATO nations will be included soon, as will certain smaller and overlooked nations from the period such as Rhodesia or Cuba, and even North Korea. The mod is meant to be based in history but is not historically accurate in the sense that all of the equipment is exactly right. The equipment is as accurate as it can be with the available assets, and when compared to historical photographs, is still reasonably close to real life. This is especially true if you are using these units as OPFOR enemies, which you'll see in full detail less. Additionally, infantry is the main focus of the mod. The dependencies are listed on the Steam download page. Eastern Bloc Factions On Steam Screenshots
  2. First Arab Israeli War, 1948 Mods: IFA, IFA GEIST, CUP Maps, FoW
  3. NorthHD

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Hey @KikoMazar, I always like your screenshots. I was wondering if you'd consider posting the object setups behind the screenshots sometimes? Would be pretty useful for those of us who are figuring out the best ways to set up a scene for screenshots.
  4. Project Conflict This is the main hub for a new addon project, meant to add in some conflicts and factions that aren't typically covered as much but would still make for interesting gameplay/missions/photography. All of the mods you see below unless noted otherwise are mostly based on config files using existing assets, so you'll need the base mods to play them. However, custom insignia may be added to better represent certain nations and organizations. Additionally, it is important to note that because of using existing equipment, these mods are not 100% accurate. This is, however, far less noticeable if you are using the factions as an OPFOR. Mod List Philippines Factions: Adds the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and Abu Sayyaf. To Do List Yom Kippur War Factions Myanmar Army + Kachin Independence Army NPA for Philippines Factions mod
  5. The Battle for Marawi... Mods: CUP, RHS, DHI BDUs, 2000s US Forces I'll have a config file soon for the loadouts seen here
  6. North Korean march... Mods: Ruha, Community Factions Project
  7. Armor in Vietnam... Mods: The Unsung, Recolor
  8. NATO FACTIONS ON STEAM The NATO factions mod has been released. The mod adds the United States, West Germany, and the Netherlands. As usual, the mod only contains infantry. The United States uses the M16A2 while West Germany uses the G3 and FN FAL, and the Netherlands uses the FN FAL. For now, the United States is only available in woodland (M81) uniforms. A desert version may be added sometime in the future. Feel free to check the mod out if you want some opponents for the Eastern Bloc factions, or if you've been waiting to play as the NATO side.
  9. American Campaign In Italy Mods: Iron Front, Faces of War
  10. U.S. forces step up combat operations against the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Mods: RHS USAF & RHS GREF, CUP Terrains, various static animation packs
  11. North Korea has been added to the eastern bloc pack to add something more to the Asian theater of war. I guess this mod has some Wargame inspirations at heart. I believe that this faction may have some inaccuracies, but after reading up on what their field uniforms are like, I think this is somewhat close especially considering that North Korea has only recently started using camouflage according to Wikipedia, and the era of this mod is the middle to late 1980s. I could add more Asian factions like South Korea, Japan, or Vietnam, but I'm not sure if I will. The former two don't use western equipment and therefore the inaccuracies would be heavy, and the latter is already done by the Unsung and the older era Unsung units are probably still more accurate than what I could do. With that being said, this is what my to-do list looks like and the BLUFOR pack will be releasing soon when there's more than just the United States and West Germany. - United States (DONE) - West Germany (DONE) - United Kingdom - 1980 Iraq - 1980 Iran - Rhodesia - ZANLA - North Korea (DONE) - 1980s Malden
  12. Carrier attack/defense is fun. Mods: FA-18 Super Hornet, Fox Mig-25 Foxbat
  13. When you play online shooters with character customization enabled Mods: Community Factions Project, Military Equipment Pack, Operation Trebuchet, Specialist Military Arms
  14. NorthHD

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @FallujahMedic -FM- Is the VSM Uniforms / VSM All In One mod that's still on the Steam Workshop banned? I keep hearing conflicting statements about whether VSM is banned or just the specific mod that had content from other games.
  15. NorthHD

    Arma3 Videos

    Some quick footage of a BMD standoff with ReColor.
  16. Mods: Operation Trebuchet, CUP Terrains, Static animation packs
  17. NorthHD

    Arma3 Videos

    Did a fun little scenario here in the editor. Ended up considering it a win after they stopped rushing me.