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  1. 1.Gun animation/control 2.Vaulting/Windows not opening 3.Crouch/prone is buggy 4.Healing is buggy 5.Looting cars/finding sweet spot(doors or trunks) 6.HIT DETECTION!!! 7.Care packages(if there’s more than one in the package I should be able to take all of it only takes one spot) 8.Better loot/Kill someone get material for shelter 9.Fix that I’m not a robot I know what a street sign looks like it doesn’t! And it’s the AI asking the question
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    The game itself

    Ok so the game has a decent concept, with that being said needs major improvement. Looting in preview can only loot cars,cabinets,people,gas,fertilizer and care packages.. trying to find the sweet spot when I hit x to open something is a struggle. Guns mechanics struggling, the jamming of a gun shouldn’t happen so often if I crafted the gun but yet only to ones I find. 3rd person aiming and ADS aiming is hella terrible rn yes I know it’s a preview but if the game is in such a bad state why charge for it.. teaming in the preview big issue kinda gets dumb being shot by a 2-4 man team when I load In and go through countless buildings to find minimal loot.. care packages if only one person can get them and you say he’s marked but he’s really not it’s only blips every 10-15 seconds plenty of time to hop away and yes I mean hop and jump it’s faster.. maybe more buildings to loot from or just better loot in general maybe make it clear on what we can and cannot loot from. It’s a good concept just needs lots of work.. I’m not even going to start on the animations.. at this point just loot cars get stocked up and leave not worth the time to wait for a package because you need to wait an extra 30 sec after it lands to open it and by then players are around