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  1. TritusPL

    teaming up

    theres so little players that you just have to click join at the same time with a friend on the same map to join together and they comunicate via xbox party lol
  2. TritusPL

    Bugs and glitches

    yo what about the settings dont save when i return to the game bruh? each time i have to change the sensitivity to 100% cuz i hate those normie 60% 40% settings. like I aint gay you know what i mean?
  3. TritusPL

    Teaming up?!

    Howdy folks Im going under the bridge, hiding behind the car and what do I see on the other side? Two guys going head to head and shooting at me not minding each other like what the hell :/ then Ive seen a glipms of them going to loot me