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  1. I feel like the aiming is pretty accurate i have no problems getting 5 kills a game, you just need to adjust your ads settings an practice at the range? Yea it could use a little work but i still murder w/o shottys or knife i main lugar or soumi

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  2. So an idea to make shelter more immersed an a way to team matchmake/show off shelter would be make host of team/duo invite friend to there shelter, there the friend could access his loadout(wep/ect..) but not upgrade his own shelter, then host starts matchmaking, now to give more incentive to actually upgrade shelter an too play with friends is add a pve raid element on player shelters like every 5 successful extractions, i was thinkinglike feral animals effected by radiation or like fiends(highly irradiated npc) that only melee, an so how this would work would be you have lets say 15 npcs start out on lvl 1 shelter and for every shelter lvl you increase so does X amount of npcs like plus 3 per lvl or something and obviously if you die defending you shelter you lose loadout and X amount of materials, if you dont die you get rewarded X amount of materials, so you would add like a shelter health/traps (palisades/tripwire non explosive to slow down attackers) the goal would be to kill them as quickly as possible an take the least amountof damage, so for every X amount of damage you lose materials(obviously for repairs) so if you take heavy damage but kill all it may even out(no mats reward) or be negative, combine this with a 5 min timer/warning b4 raid and team inviting to shelter so the higher lvl your shelter the more likely you'll invite a friend to help you on defense, this would add a cool pve/shelter raid element without havingto create a whole new gamemode aince shelter is already in game, an it would serve as hosting mechanic for team. 


    If you read this leave a reply letting me know what you think!

    Love the game as is so far, just think this would make a great addition w/o too much work.

  3. So first of all i like the accurate display of the weapon's but i feel all the reload animations and ads animations are clunky an inaccurate, the weapons definitely need a rework specifically pistols, there almost too inefficient most people just use ar's granted there the better option but pistols should be more effective especially close range so there's more incentive to use them, for example i like to run m1911 but i find myself pumping 15-20 rounds at a person b4 they die  or that when i see someone they are able to draw there ar faster then my pistol (makes no logical sense) plus i see no damage differencebetween luger/m1911/pm. The m1911 shoots 45 caliber so why do i feel like it's a pea shooter? It also has more stopping power than both other options in IRL so there's no reason it shouldn't drop someone faster than the other two, now the ak's you have one in 7.62 and one in 5.45 so why is the recoil pattern the same along with damage an stopping power?  7.62 is bigger caliber=more recoil/stopping power/damage? I love the feel for all guns but definitely needs a rework on stats/animation both, especially mosin nagant when ads or third person the bolt chambering animation is never accurate you never see the bolt turned pulled back an put back in place? Its a bolt action so make it feel like one please.

  4. So first off in fort draug or however, i love the dynamic weather but due to non stop rain you cant hear footsteps like on other map, so to counter this add in game puddles that splash when a player walks into it this way you keep real feel storm without losing immersion, 2: contextual lean?? 3:team play obviously 4: controller settings need better explained and need an option for first person ads like on pubg so i dont have to click right analog every time i re aim, 4: please do not add keyboard/mouse function this is a competitive xbox game meaning controller only or it isn't fair 5: rewards for kills like extra scrap/salvage whatever nothing op just something to entice players a little more even though it's not needee because players are going to pvp anyway, add a ranking system maybe based on k/d for matchmaking purposes like ppl with 3.0 k/d play against similar, this way new people dont get wrecked first day in an rage quit. Love the concept great graphics, animation is a little choppy but i assume it'll revamped.