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  1. 10 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:


    Great to hear! Thanks for your response. If I may add a few suggestions,


    1. I think the issue of hacking/TKing could be partially remedied by giving more power to the players to ban toxic players. Perhaps require only ~50% of one faction's players to ban a player from the same faction could be a start. Majority of the total players is too difficult to achieve. No reason a TKer should be allowed to rejoin after only a couple minutes it nearly defeats the purpose of kicking.


    2. Let me also suggest that airpower should be balanced. Wipeout/Nephron can be somewhat reasonably countered by AA, Air Superiority jets with experienced pilots CANNOT be even be contested unless enemy brings their own air superiority. Currently a single expert player in a Shikra or Blackwasp can deny the enemy from using any aircraft, allowing their own CAS to destroy vehicles uncontested over the map. Current AA is useless against Shikra/Blackwasp if the pilot knows what he is doing or avoids them altogether. Often, Blufor will refuse to bother launching Blackwasps because they know they will be instantly destroyed. Flying planes at multiple times the speed of sound is honestly just stupid with the view distance the way it is. No one can even see them until they are practically on top of you. AI in AA tanks is a joke, only useful against inexperienced jet players. Maybe only allow Shikra/Blackwasp spawn on MAIN PAVED AIRFIELD both South East and Airfield Compound. They should not be able to take off from ultra short dirt runways AAC and Molos it's not realistic. At center of map they are more easily shot down, and would lead to more importance of controlling the airport. After being shot down, an expert player should not be able to use their massive CP advantage to instantly teleport deep inside friendly territory and spawn another air superiority jet with nearly zero chance of being contested. Nephron/Wipout/Helis on dirt runways, Blackwasp/Shikra paved runways would be a good start to balancing the jet spam. The plane spam needs to be stopped unless a viable counter can be made to them.


    3. The game should really be shortened. A group of players start a match, make poor decisions, and then the next group has to account for their mistakes. At a point, it just stagnates and players get bored and leave. Over time the overload of assets lags the server. There is really no need to continue the battle when one side has an obvious CP advantage and players are leaving the losing side. For example, maybe when a faction has captured 5 points past Anthrakia, the side with the most points/zones wins. One side with a couple players left throwing down remote turrets should not be a serious deterrent to their opponents with 4 times the CP. 


    I will enjoy playing Warlords regardless of the issues, but I hope others will be encouraged to join official servers by any fixes you guys can make.




    I'll make sure to forward this to the development team, thank you for the feedback! 🙂

  2. 12 minutes ago, haleks said:

    The discussion was raising some interesting thoughts about the broader aspects of license enforcement, but fair enough.


    The discussion was also raising some pretty hefty accusations in which have no place in this forum thread, hence why I asked our moderation team to hide any post that included these accusations. If there are any questions, or concerns regarding license enforcement that does not include specific mod-authors/community groups, and does not target a specific individual/group feel free to discuss it 🙂

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  3. 14 minutes ago, RH-SPECTER said:

    @oukej @Dedmen @BIS_Homesick 

    Disabling BattlEye is possible now, I found I typo'd it to BattleEye.

    Can now load into server, vote for mission but if it is a custom map mission it lets you pick your role then reverts back to mission voting after loading the terrain with no error visible.

    Loading vanilla maps displayed ace_hot needed to be removed from client side folder and to update ace versions on the server to equivalent with client.

    Removed ace entirely vanilla maps run fine with all our other mods but still can't launch custom maps.

    Disabled signature checks and BattlEye so we just load ACE client side and it's a trusted closed community so we don't worry about the cheaters.

    Just want our custom maps back now, we got the rest our mods running fine.

    Glad to hear that. We will keep investigating in the morning. Thanks for the feedback!

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  4. 4 minutes ago, bassy18 said:

    After this update, I can not enter the game have a solution?

    Could you elaborate on this? Are you unable to launch the game? If so try this: 


    The issue might also be related to usage of cyrilics in your profile path. Try to change the profile path to one without cyrilics, and then launch the game using the -profile startup parameter. This should be a temporary solution, please get back to me if this worked, or if it didnt.


  5. 38 minutes ago, Etied said:

    I have a problem with loading after update. There is a long load of the main parameters and then the arma closes. Help pls




    The issue might also be related to usage of cyrilics in your profile path. Try to change the profile path to one without cyrilics, and then launch the game using the -profile startup parameter. This should be a temporary solution, please get back to me if this worked, or if it didnt.

  6. Just now, celticalliance said:


    And I am a very happy customer. The hotfix solved our issues and we can connect again. The new improved session lost message was very helpful btw. It turned out to be that on server level we had some ACE files installed while we didn't have those installed on client level because we are not using that functionality of ACE but still wanted to allow others to actually use it. After removing these files on server level we could connect fine.


    I may be quite a critic at times but I am also man enough to say I think Bohemia did a good job fixing this. So thank you for putting up with me and kudos to the work done.


    Glad to hear it helped! 🙂 Once again we appreciate everyone's help in this thread in getting to the bottom of the issue! I will keep this thread open for a little longer in-case anyone comes across any issues with the hotfix. 

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  7. This is not a thread to argue about 1 specific mod, nor argue about how moderators handles different rulesets. I have clearly made my statement regarding the main issue at hand, and that is final. If you guys want to discuss how our moderation team are handling day-by-day reports, and issues feel free to contact me directly. As for the whole USP discussion, take it to direct messages as well. 

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  8. 10 minutes ago, fingolfin said:

    On a different note: As long as BI has no compunction to post pictures of stolen/ripped content on their twitter pages, SitReps/Community Radar posts, this sometimes excessive enforcement of rules here seems quite hypocritical.


    To my knowledge this has happened 1-2 times, in which both scenarios was my own fault. It is no excuse what so ever, but this happened in my starting months of being a BI employee, and I had next to no knowledge about ripped/stolen content. After these occurrences, I've learned from my past mistakes, and personally ensured that each and every picture I've included on our social platforms are checked by me, and several groups of Mod-authors in the community to ensure that this does not happen again. I do however take full blame for those mistakes.


    However, to the main point of this past discussion;


    I can clearly see that there are some questions regarding the rules, and especially the photography rules. I am currently in the process of looking through our forum guidelines, as well as other rules that might not be clearly stated in the guidelines to avoid situations like these (and other) in the future. As of now the photography thread rules clearly state: 



    "Private addons" should not be used in screenshots, only public addons.


    Essentially this could be perceived as quite vague, and I do understand your concerns regarding this specific rule, and recent occurrences. If you are found to use a mod that is not publicly available the image will be hidden from the thread. If the mod is publicly available, but is receiving updates in say a month's time that are not yet available for the public those would be work in progress pictures. These pictures are allowed in the thread as the mod is available to the public, even though the upcoming update might not be. 

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  9. Main post edited: 

    On 3/5/2019 at 2:56 PM, BIS_Homesick said:

    We've discovered the issue might be connected to some addon files that shouldn't be there, air_f_rtd.pbo and dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo should be removed from the addons folder. These addons are deprecated and should no longer be present in the addon folder (Steam doesn't autoclean them). If deleting these two files doesn't help, please delete any other pbo that pops up in the connection message, or alternatively delete the entire addons folder (including those under DLC folders), and verify the integrity of your game files to have the proper addons re-downloaded.

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  10. Quote

    FROM: High Command

    TO: Arma 3 Users

    INFO: 1.90 Update, Dev-Branch Activity




    In this SITREP we'll primarily discuss some of the highlights of the 1.90 update in greater detail.


    Full SITREP

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  11. 40 minutes ago, ZN Anhor said:


    Thx for trying to help us, but it is known that deleting the cache.ch has no effect.


    Let me explain my point:


    As the owner and admin of a server, I invest time, effort and money in this hobby. And every failure of the server also means the loss of players. That's exactly what you have to prevent.


    If the reason for the error by myself (scripting errors etc.), then I can do something about it ........ pronto.


    But if the fault is with you (again), then it is your responsibility to do something .......... as fast as I would do it myself. I as a server operator do not care about your problems, that´s your business.

    So we would like a quick fix to the problem, even if that meant a temporary rollback.


    I hope that this is not understood as an attack, but what it is ....... the point of a server owner and admin.


    Hello, ZN Anchor. We are currently investigating the issue, and we are gathering the feedback we can to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. There are several reasons as to why we're gathering this information from server hosts & mod creators. So far this issue is not happening on all servers, both modded, and unmodded. We tested the 1.90 update on our Release candidate branch for 1 month prior to release with several community groups to prevent these situations. However, this issue did not occur on the RC branch. This is also one of the reasons why we always push for server hosts and mod creators specifically to test their servers on our RC branch prior to release so that we can fish out these issues. Rest assured we do understand that this is an inconvenience to our players, server hosts, and administrators, and we hope to get to the bottom of it ASAP! 🙂


    Thank you for your feedback! 

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