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    Ok so I played the beta and the games actually really fun I will definitely be buying the game on release but I would like to put my input on things. The glitches that happened to me were the obvious 1s that the developers knew would fluke other than that it was fun. I would think new maps would be the obvious point of this game it feels close to a br but it leans more toward tarcov and day z and if they added new maps it could very well take the lead. You guys should think about added like a bigger map and no radiation for a longer gameplay no exit just something like a mmo game mode because a lot of people are waiting for games like day z and you could get there attention with that idea a more hardcore with more players that would count as a new or custom gamemode, a br gamemode like 50 players or so or you could do br on the same maps with 16 players that's still fun but you guys gotta remember lots of people want biggggger game modes (amount of players). You guys could add like objective game modes like hold out and cover the area from enemie team until exit is ready. Although I have wayyy more ideas it's not my game but personally I'd focus on new gammodes new maps. Please guys I've been waiting for a goooooood PvP mmo long term survival game that needs more skill than cod so I'm putting my attention to this game and I'm counting on you guys to make the best of what you have started bc it's the closest thing to what I want lol GL XD
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    1Well nobody wants them to rush but they lose players very quickly if they just keep that same game mode it's mentioned in a lot of the informers on YouTube that there afraid people well get board but I agree with you sorta but fortnight has extra game mode too? I like vigorz main game mode but trust me if they only really focus on that 1 gamemode the games gonna go dry fairly quickly + Like I mentioned earlier people want more players and more gammodes to play so wen 1 gets boarding they move into the next but every one has there own opinion