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  1. First off i'd like to say this is a wonderful fresh game. For how long its been out it really is a breath of fresh relaxing air. The graphics are very well put together and the scenery is awe inspiring. With that being said i definitely have some feedback i'd like to share with the devs. Im sure all of these issues have probably been addressed already but these are some i've come across. Main issue has been when exchanging fire and i take a shot, it seems like my shots arent registering because of the EXTREME flniching mechanic. Next, walking in water is extremely slow and once its waist deep your not able to ADS. Clambering at any angle besides a direct 90degrees is virtually impossible. Lastly that i can think of, your own foot steps are very loud and i'd like to see a reduction in the volume coming from your own character. Other than these small issues. Bohemia, good game so far and thanks for bringing this to Xbox exclusively, we needed something like this.