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    Radiation siren /Alarm

    You hear the ticking of the radiation.So there is already a warning sound An extra siren is not needed but it would add more immersion to it. but think about this for a second. the story of this game says there is no infrastructure left due to an radiation outbreak in central europe. so who is actually ringing that siren then? A siren means there has to be people who still have a working infrastructure. would not fit that much. imo the radiation ticker is fine. u also have to ask, how annoying this siren would be after hearing it for the 1000 time. :)
  2. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Very neat game

    Most of the things u mentioned, will get adressed pretty soon. They already confirmed a rework/fix/improving on the gun handling as a whole. Nice feedback tho.
  3. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    When will we be able to play the game agian?

    On monday the founders edition will be released. It will cost 20$ and you will be able to play it right away, from what I heard
  4. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Is it possible to play Vigor on PC?

    ok I missed that statement then. thanks
  5. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Will there be Voice chat or proximity chat

    Since the devs said, they dont really want players to kill on sight everytime and they want to focus ore on just surviving , a voicechat could help to signalize you are friendly and you dont want to take that fight. I imagine running up on a supply drop and a voice from behind shouts: "if you take it you are dead, just run!" :D
  6. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Is it possible to play Vigor on PC?

    sea of thieves and state of decay are xbox exclusives too and you can play them on pc. its a feature thats called "xbox play anywhere" in these games there is crossplay with your friends on pc. so its definetely not impossible that vigor will be treated the same way.
  7. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    What type of gun would you like to see in game?

    Crossbows and a silent pistol maybe? If the pistol is the only silenced gun in the game, even on endgame you would take one with you and use it. My opinion is I personally dont like guns with wooden stocks or parts on it, like ak, rpk. It really is not that big of a deal but if I could choose I would like to have more tactical looking guns, maybe a vector or an ar15. And the revolver from hellboy. :D just kidding
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    Thank you.

    Well said.
  9. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    DINO's Feedback after 25 hours in the game

    Thank you so much for taking the time and reacting to each single point. I am more than happy with the response and I am looking forward to the future.
  10. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    DINO's Feedback after 25 hours in the game

    Yeah I wrote I could not even tested it with a friend on controlled conditions, but I also think the headshot damage is fine right now. It should be an insta kill on high calibers like the ak or the sniper of course. pistols maybe 2 shots, but I leave that up to the devs. just please do not take a step backwards from what it currently is. Regarding the sounddesign for players you are right that would be a good thing to add, but my general impression of the environment sounds, like rivers, birds is absolutely insanely immersive. I love that I can tell without issues if a river is left or right to me. Currently the sound design of the environment and the visual design of the map is the biggest plus for. I was three months in norway, and I can recognize and feel " home " on every single map. This is currently the biggest plus the game has for me personally. you just enjoy being there and run around, not many games achieve this. your english is pretty good. Where are you from if I am allowed to ask?