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    Stuff that need to be fixed ASAP

    you could have said it a bit nicer imo. Its not even the first week of early access of course stuff like that cant be fixed in a week. and how are you doing btw? I remember your name. :D
  2. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    My own experience of Vigor

    Yeah someone mentioned that the gun keeps firing technically even tho it looks like its jamming.
  3. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    My own experience of Vigor

    lol should be the other way around. :D
  4. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    August 1st Dev Stream

    It is a good thing that they focus on the basics first. I think without fixed gunplay and basics, this game would become boring way faster. + it will be frustrating. No need for content drop when the new content also needs improvement on the basics.
  5. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    FJELLKANTEN hidden tunnel

    That is really cool buddy. I need to check this out. Now we need to find the other ones. ;)
  6. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    One suggestion for the developers.

    @killumiden OMG you are my new friend. :D I am from germany and I spent 3 months recently in norway (tromso) with a family on their goat farm. It was the best time in my life, because norway is the most beautiful country in the world. I like this game in total, but the biggest plus for me is the map and game design. I feel so "home" when I enter the maps every map just looks like norway, the houses the woods. even the plants. :D
  7. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Hard Crash

    @Brosquito Thanks for sharing that. Its important for such problems that many people share their opinion, so the devs get a good overview, how bad this problem really is
  8. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    My own experience of Vigor

    Running away is so easy in this game. But I think as soon as we can experience the improved gun mechanics it will get better hopefully. because the damage is absoluteley fine. 1 shot in the head with most weapons result in an insta death, so please dont up the damage more
  9. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    One suggestion for the developers.

    you are right. I agree. Since a few years I think it is a marketing strategy, that devs only reply to a few posts. People want attention when they invest time on feedback. they want to feel rewarden. Like you like me.. Beeing almost "unreachable" to their customers adds some sort of a "daddy look I do this and that extra to impress you"-feeling, if you know what I mean. that results in more often checking in on the forums and making more posts to finally get that little bit of attention. Just feels like a marketing strategy to me
  10. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    audio cues

    The jamming seems like a bug. Making noises while looting seems like a good idea, but realisticalley you can loot cars also silent. just takes longer. I would suggest the impleement the same looting mechanic like in state of decay. You can decide if you want to loot slow and silent or really fast wit a certain chance to make alot of noise. ever played it?
  11. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Weapons (animations/rework)

    solid suggestions.
  12. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    One suggestion for the developers.

    I would also like to see more answers or just reactions from the community manager. But to be fair, devs replieing on very well formed constructive criticism rather than on the 100ths "knife OP" post. :D Take a look at this. The devs actually took an hour to reply to my post and they mentioned every single point I made.
  13. Lie. Time to kill got lowered due to the fact that bullets are hitting more often when the should and the Xbuttons are abit more responsive and easier to exit. Please state facts and keep the feedback constructive. Could they done more? sure but we did not get nothing. Hey @Danowan Your feedback is solid and I would like to share my personal opinion to each point, so we maybe can start a discussion. 1. I agree. I have noticed some weird camera locks ( ads was locked under the players left arm) from switching weapons rapidly 2. Gun jamming does not seem like a feature and yeah it can be frustrating. Got adressed several times and I am sure they take care of it. It is already better since the beta I have the feeling. gun jams less imo. 3. yeah looting cars. of course they need to make it more responsive and less random.. experienced players should be able to kow the sweetspot of every car to loot it as fast as possible. however I would like cars to take maybe half a second or 1 second longer to loot. And a tip until this is fixed: Jump on the motorblog this increases the accessibility very much on certain cars. 4. The environmental audio is phenomenal and I like it but I agree its at some points too loud. On the footsteps they definetely have to work. The gun volume yeah maybe adress a bit but I like how every gun sounds so far in general 5. Knifes got adressed by us enough I am sure they do something. Beeing able to kill someone while he is hitting you with bullets seems very overpowered. 6. I personally like that you are not seeing the players anymore, because that adds more tension to the game imo. I love not to know where or how much players I can expect in an raid. 7. I stayed away from these options, because you are completely right. I have no clue what they mean. :D Yeah description please 8. Yes audio for switching firemodes is needed. Also when you put your gun on auto mode in your shelter it should stay on auto mode for upcoming raids. Currently it resets everytime you enter a raid. So I spend 5 seconds on every raid, to: reload (scams one bullet always, switch to auto, and switch from 3rd person to first person ads. 9. Ammo problem gets fixed I am very sure. For now you can keep in mind that if you click it once it will put it in your stash. so just a visual bug 10. Epilepsie warning. xD I personally never had an issue with that, but next time I will pay attention to the muzzle flash 11. I personally like the density of the firefights, because there are only 8 players on the map. I start to know where other players spawn and can either search the fight or avoid them. maybe add a couple more spawnpoints, but not really changing the distance to each other. I personally like how it is 12. Yeah vaulting is inconsistent, but it could be way worse. The best success you have if you have a direct look on the object you want to vault. If you look to much left or right while vaulting it will result in a fail. but yeah vaulting should be able all the time no matter where you look 13. I personally really like the "no indication fights" Only thing I want to see is maybe an information on the players dead. but I would stay away from visual indicators and go for audio indicators. when someone is dead and pretty close you could hear a moaning or a sound as if someone drops a gun on the floor. But yeah like I said you mentioned a lot of things that would improve the game. thanks for taking the time to express your suggestions. Greetings Dino <3
  14. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Can't Pick up crate in water

    I am sure this will get fixed soon. Too bad we dont know the names of the players you killed @SaphireAbyss80 and @Corey Downer . We could tell them how bad of an idea it was to go into the water in the first place. :D Greetings Dino <3
  15. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    PT-BR Subtitles

    What do you mean with subtitles? I am sure they will add different language options for menus and stuff, but because there is not really cutscenes or talking in this game I dont know if it would make sense. But yeah once this game is released, I am sure they will add alanguage for every region thats available on your xbox. So if you can have your xbox in portuguese most likely the game will support that. Greetings Dino <3
  16. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Execute with Knife

    I agree, this would be cool, but also very dangerous balance wise. The knife s already really really strong ( I would even call it op) If there is a thing like execution, maybe the player has to come frome behind have some sort a quicktime event? maybe pressing random buttons instead of just one? Keep in mind in games like battlefield its not a big deal to die. You can respawn rght away, but in vigor a death means you loose a lot of potential progress. Another reason why this would be hard to balance is the fact that you have the 3rd person view. you can stand behind a door and wait for someone to come in range for the one-tap kill. You can see him but he is not able to see you until its too late, when the knife player knows how to position himself. So yeah if there will be ever a feature like this we have to be very very careful to reach a propper balance. Greetings Dino
  17. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    anyone know what time this comes out tomorrow?

    its there now, we made it. :D <3
  18. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Server Tic rate?

    From your article it seems like tickrate is very important, but I have not really a clue and I have a hard time to differenciate a good server from a bad server. For me the gameplay feels smooth. Do you maybe have a good example for a good tickrate, when you claim that vigor has a bad one? So I have a comparison?
  19. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    cannot contain exictment

    I missed it. :( i am rewacthing it right now, and I am amazed how many names you recognize. The community is already so familiar to each other, its a blast. very excited for the future. edit: Nevermind I was talking about todays dev stream, you were talking about the release. but still. :D
  20. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    You can not be serious, I feel like you've tricked me

    I agree on @Buloee + for me this game is already more worth than 20 bucks. so whatever comes new it was already worth it. in this early state the game is in a fairly good condition tbh
  21. twitch_DinotheRRhino


    @PaTRo89 you could stack up on ressources like chemicals, electronics, so you are ready to go as soon as the new levels drop :)
  22. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Hard Crash

    When does the game crash for you? for me hardcrashes only happen sometimes after a raid on my way "home" to the shelter. I can keep the materials tho. How is it for you?
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    there should be a proper balance yes, but instead of removing the damage, certain weapons could have a bigger bullet drop or decreased accuracy out of their prefered range
  24. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Would you like to see a FP mode?

    No I would not like that. It would split the community in half and the devs have to decide wich group they prefer. I personally love 3rd person shooters, so I want them to stick with only one think. this is my opinion
  25. There are several things I noticed right away that are really positive to me. I will list them below and maybe write 1 to things about it. - Time to kill is definetely lower. Also I dont think the damage on body shots got upped, I more have the feeling that the shots you fire are more often hitting where they should. You are 100% able to burst people down if they are unaware and if you have the paitience to wait for the right moment. I also got killed from behind without any chance of reacting, because I was unaware and just did not seen him. I am super happy how the combat felt today. - The X-Button-press to loot and to access your base is way easier to actually open stuff now. Cars still feel a little bit wanky at times but its definetely way more fun to loot now, it is faster and more responsive. -The loot seemed to be way more optimised. I find way less ammo wich is a good thing. When ammo is rare, players think twice to just shoot someone because its fun. Although I found 3 (THREE) weapons in one normal lootbox. it was a luger, an AK and aShotgun. Lucky find or pretty common will show the next days. There are also some things I noticed that are probably on your lists already, but I want to point them out still: - My gun jammed regularly ( suomi) it was on full auto but stopped firing after a couple bullets. had to press up to 2 times the trigger until I could fire again. This can kill you -After killing one player on fjellkanten I could not use my weapon at all. I could not ads my suomi, I could not fire, switched weapon to m16 ( no ammo) and ads was fine. after switching back then the issue was still there. I had to switch to a knife and back then I was able to ads again, but the gun had no vibration and no recoil. the sound was weird too. You could see the bullets are hitting, but it felt and sounded more like a paintball gun. that was super weird. - If you reached the cap of materials in your base you were wasting materials if you got any while you maxed out. They are just gone. would like to be able to carry more materials than your current cap of your shelter level or you cant deconstruct stuff while you are capped. But overall the game already felt way better in total. I am looking forward to the next days. Great job Bohemia it was a noticeable improvement already today Greetings Dino