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    Hi, my name is Marius, I am from Romania, Bucharest. I am 18 yrs old and i am post-apocalyptic, survival, military games lover.
    Sorry if i don't spell some words correctly, I am still getting used to talk in english (more then I've been used to).

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  1. librameister


    Problems after problems, i have run into another problem So, i've made my own mission (i can play it, i can save and everything works fine) but when i exit my mission and try to play it again it shows my this error - https://imgur.com/a/L9rHZKr
  2. librameister


    Well i want all the circles to disappear
  3. librameister


    Ok, so i've created my own mission on Chernarus, but i have a problem, when i open my map it shows my all the scripts that i've put on it https://imgur.com/a/cShcPld (sorry for the quality) Can anyone help ? (i am talking about the circles)
  4. librameister


    Can someone tell me some good mods that will go well with ravage ? Beside warthai, ace, cup, rhs
  5. librameister


    Anybody knows what will be added in next update ? or give me an update cuz i've been absent for awhile
  6. librameister


    Yas m8, That would be awsome.
  7. librameister


    Will be there more animals added in the near future ?
  8. librameister


    I've been playing this mod for some time now and here's my opinion on what I think is missing : ~First of all i think that u should add helicrashes that you can loot and AI should defend it or try to loot it. ~I think that you should add bandit camps in the forest with some campfires and badrolls. ~More bandits and renegades patrol the military bases, and maybe add like a safe zone island with civilians and food/weapon shops. Maybe one of this would be added and I hope that you will continue updating Ravage cuz it has alot of potential. Much love <3 !