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    Change death penalty to losing 50% of loot

    I think a good compromise for this would be to allow the player to drop a small stash location in which items in the stash can be retained even after you die. This adds something additional to the gameplay loop that would actually be very realistic. Specifically, in a real apocalypse you would not be able to carry a huge amount of loot and gear. Even a backpack would fill up quickly. People would likely need to use some type of cart, and they would hide that cart out of sight, loot, and bring items back to the cart. Think of it like the 2 wheel shopping cart like grandma used to use, a wheel barrel, Radio Flyer Wagon, etc. The player can use that location to stash a small amount of items they want to keep. The risk/reward factor is still intact. You could also allow other players to find and loot your stash. If you escape, your stash is protected because it leaves with you. Just a thought.