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  1. Hello everybody. I've been playing for about about 10-12 hours non-stop since installation finished. I've encountered a few issues so far that should probably be addressed. - Sometimes, ammo will not deposit into your stash after a match ends or you extract back to home base. This usually only locks up the same types of ammo used by the guns you have equipped, but even then it sometimes locks up other items as well. They dissappear upon entering a new game, instead of being usable ammo or health items. - If your game crashes while in mid-game; It counts as a death and you lose all items when you log back in. - (X) icon on cars, dressers, and all other lootable sources is glitchy, it takes a few times to try and get it solid so you can loot uninterupted. - Sometimes, after killing a player, The (X) Icon, will only show the bar fill half way, making the corpse non-lootable. - I've also noticed that sometimes firing doesn't register while rapid firing in single shot, or continuous fire in full auto or burst. Such as, the gun will look like it's shooting, but no sound or bullets will be dispersed. - Drop crates will sometimes land sideways or tipped over, and thus become non-interactive and making them impossible to loot. - Vaulting over guard rails, balconies, and some other edges of rocks it takes several jump attempts before actually registering and letting you hop over said object. - Fire fights are somewhat broken; I've noticed that Even using my iron sights, standing still, while my opponent does the same, bullets will not register on them even though it shows the blood stain. Me and a friend tested this by somehow ending up in the same lobby and fighting each other with the same gun, same amount of bullets, without running or moving away from each other. Even at extremely close range. (This happens the most with the Suomi KP weapon.) I will continue to update this post as I progressively find more bugs/issues. UPDATE 1 : - SPAWNS ARE TOO DAMN CLOSE TO EACH OTHER! I've only been getting in matches with 8 of 8 people, And i'll still spawn with someone less then 100 feet away and get gunned down immediately. And if these maps plan on containing 16 individual solo players, It's gonna be a nightmare... So either there needs to be something in place to ensure we spawn at least 1-2 squares away from on another, or add alot more possible spawning locations... Cause i've loaded into the same spots multiple times on multiple matches; So I know people who've been playing longer than me may have better ideas as to where these actual spawn spots are and go spawn killing. - I've also noticed that other players footsteps make no sound, and neither do opening or closing doors, looting, or anything to give some alert to people that someone is close. Even if they're 5-20 feet away it's as if their silent ninjas with no shoes on tip toeing through tulips to come claim my guns and soul. - The rain sound effects on Draug are too damn loud. And I don't wanna risk not hearing players shots by turning the sound level of my effects. - Sometimes upon extracting out of a map, the game will crash. Resulting in a loss of any acquired items or guns. However, sometimes when I load back into my home base I'll still have the guns and ammo i Initially left with. So it's not as destructive as the crashing-mid-game bug mentioned above. - Some sound effects bug out, and will sound like a skipping cd where the first millisecond of the sound byte is on a rapid repeat.
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    Unable to select map.

    So, I took a couple day break from playing, and now when I load up the game, The maps are all grayed out, and I am unable to select anything besides my home base. Anybody having the same issue? Or could the devs let us know if there's something going on?
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    Changelog 0.5.24877

    Doubtful as it's not listed in the change-log.
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    Problems I've Had Thus far in the XB1 Vigor Beta.

    added some new noticed issues to the list.
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    Change death penalty to losing 50% of loot

    If you managed your resources, leveled up your home base, and only joined matches to loot and extract you'd find yourself with an abundance of weapons, ammo, and materials. If you're taking a gun every time and planning on fighting it out with every single player you come across, then you're going to be in for a bad time, casual or not. You need to be stealthy and tactical. Me personally? My strat is to just hit cars. I don't mess with buildings on the chance of running into someone. Being outside with numerous angles to disperse to. So, if you're finding it difficult to hold onto your precious loot, then re-adjust your strategy. Who cares if you only make it out with 5 or 6 items and 1 gun, It's better than leaving empty handed. You want the crate? You gotta be ontop of it. Once you spawn, hit the red zone and hide till it's dropped. Don't engage, don't do anything but rush for the crate and rush for an extract. It's very simple. Calling for BI to adjust the loot% loss because you lack the skill is simply taking an amazing aspect away from this game that sets it apart from the rest.