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  1. Always_Act_Fool_AAF

    [WIP] Female base model project

    well, tanks for the hint, im sorry im a baby on this forum i cant wait until the skin is done ! and thank you for the fast answer i just wanted to say good luck, because i see that youre working on it since A LONG TIME and it looks so hard to do. i seen the pictures of the skin and it looks i miss the old times on the older armas, when bohemia interactive didnt done a sexist game, where womens were on chernarus, utes, takistan, and i cant remember the PMC map btw i heard something about an arma 4 ? ok i done researches and i have find something interesting : "Tanks is our last 'announced' title, & project lead @VojtechKovaric is busy working out post-release plans, which we'll share as soon as we can. Suffice to say, we're already laying the foundations of a future Arma with work on our next engine, Enfusion, but its a long road..! — Jay Crowe (@jaycroweuk) February 20, 2018" the enfusion engine from dayZ , i gotta say the 0.63 stress test is a beauty for the eyes ! out of topic BOHEMIA, LEAD THE WAY !!!
  2. Always_Act_Fool_AAF

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Hi, i just created an account just to answer this. Well, huh, how is it going ? i actually have ENFORCER and FEMAL3 addons... but i dont like it very much. I do pictures of altis and stratis blah blah blah but enforcer skins are weird and femal3 skins dont have long hair. I see that your skin looks good. and the topic didnt had news since may. So all of this, just to say : How is it going ? patience