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  1. Desode Drizzt

    Would you like to see a FP mode?

    I would be down for FP for sure! I do agree though about the player base. Still, maybe it could be a feature added way down the road when the player base is good and strong.
  2. Desode Drizzt

    First day of Vigor

    Try using the target range at your shelter with each gun. Take one of the smaller plates on the range and try shooting them in 3rd person and down the sights. In full auto and single. Do that with each gun and you will get a feel for how you have to shoot them to be accurate. You will be pretty surprised. The target range will really save you a lot of time understanding the gun mechanics. Also note the time needed for each gun to settle down after a shot. Plus, this preview just started so I am sure we are all playing with players that have a high ping and are not from our general area so there is bound to be some hit detection from that, however I do know for a fact that they have a lot of servers from all over, and NA even has east, west and central servers! Woot. It is just a matter of more players coming to the game and then you will get paired with players who have a better connection to your server. I still am hoping for some kind if server list so I can manually pick thr best server based on a ping number. Sincerely, Desode
  3. Desode Drizzt

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    Hey man. East coast here also. It is up there. You can find it 2 different ways. One is use the search icon in the store and type Vigor. The other way is if you highlight you vigor beta and hit start then go to the game hub and select see in Microsoft store. Hope that helps, Sincerely Desode
  4. Desode Drizzt

    Desode's feedback from the closed Beta

    The tripod currently appears to me to be cosmetic for right now, though I imagine that will change. I just got the RPK before the Closed beta ended so I only got to use it a couple of times. I made two of them and the crafting time for the RPK was 120mins.
  5. Desode Drizzt

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    To a degree, I am sure MS will set the exact time. That is usually how it works on XBL.
  6. Desode Drizzt

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    Hmmm, I get this thing saying that I must be signed in and I am signed in.
  7. Desode Drizzt

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    Can anyone access the their home shelter after the update yesterday?
  8. Desode Drizzt

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    I just noticed that Vigor is updating on my xbox now so I am guessing that those of us that were in the closed beta will not have to redownload it! That is nice! If I am correct on this THANK YOU Bohemia Interactive!
  9. First off I want to say that I have really and truly enjoyed this game so far! Sure there are some issues with it being a beta however it was really pretty impressive for a beta in my opinion. I say that as a gamer of 40+ years of age who has tested a lot of games over the years! LOL I will start off by saying that one of my favorite mechanics was the gun's and how they worked. Having the target range was a brilliant aspect to the gun play, because it let you get a feel for these more real world gun mechanics. (Suggestion) I would like to see the ability to eventually build something like a belt drivin' advanced target range add on, Maybe have a clay pigeon launcher as a first upgrade and then a mechanical system as a advanced target range up grade. This would enable you to get a feel for leading targets at different ranges and in my opinion would be a very cool advanced feature for the target range. It would also be cool to have some motor parts or parts to build a clay pigeon launcher as a collectable loot spread around the maps. Now , why did I like the gun mechanics: First I will say they are not perfect, but I am sure that they will get better as we move forward in the game development. I love the real world feel to the guns! The fact that 3rd person aim creates a lot of spread and inaccuracy is something that I have not seen in a game before except for Arma. This inaccuracy is even more increased during movement. (Finally a game that gets it) I know a lot of people on console will probably complain about this but for me personally it adds to the realism and creates more tactical depth in using each weapon. There is already at this "beta level" a wonderful depth to each gun based on movement and stance and using ADS or third person. This aspect is different for each weapon, and just as a example, it lets the shotguns shine in close quarter with 3rd person hip fire. The ability to use a pistol or even a SMG in a hip fire close range encounter is very much like shooting one in real life. I have seen people use full auto on a smg in 15 to 20m range at a human shaped target and literally spray all over the place and hit the target with a couple rounds! LOL A pistol should be even more inaccurate unless looking down the sights. Even then consistently hitting cans at 30ft is a challenge for most. Vigor shows that aspect very well and it adds to the depth of the gunplay because you must pick and choose the right gun for the situation. Situations are very much based on your chose too, so if you have a goal of looting buildings then you need to have a weapon for that situation or your risk of death is greatly increased. Having this kind of depth to the gunplay mechanics adds to the over all penalty and intensity for what you are risking, and trying to gain. What I mean by this is that the risk is greatly increased by what weapons you have and what you are trying to do when you go out on a encounter mission. This also for me added to my daily planning because if I needed a certain thing that was found more in houses, I focused on having some shotguns so that I was prepared to defend myself in a tight close quarter situation. If I was going for a crate , then I focused on having the ammo and a AR style rifle that fit a more overall situation of encounters. This depth goes even further based on the choices you have available in your weapons, simply because there is a tactical strategy in which you would use your weapon choice . For example having a Mosin and a SMG is a great combo to play sneaking and drop a crate carrier as they try to get out, and then you have the SMG for more close to mid range defense in taking that crate yourself. While people will complain about how the gun mechanics are in Vigor, I found it extremely refreshing! It was very much what I expected from the developer of the Arma series and I hope and Pray that they continue to keep these gun play mechanic in Vigor! THIS IS THE ONLY GAME ON CONSOLE THAT SHOWS THIS ASPECT! I LOVE IT! and THANK YOU Bohemia interactive! The shuddering of the ADS when panning down the sights while aiming was a issue but that is just from this being a beta. I am sure of that. Now there are some hit detection problems also however I am sure that a lot of that is from a limited amount of servers in the closed beta. (Suggestion) Mentioning the server system brings up a issue for me and I would very much like to have some kind of better system to know my ping and to be able to pick the closest server in my area. I very much want to go to the Map and be able to click on a server list for my country and pick a server based on a Ping number and then pick my map and play. For some reason this is a feature that is constantly taken away from console players and more and more from gaming. If people prefer a quick match feature then add that in there and let the quick match software find them a server but for me personally I want to pick my server based on a ping number system. I do understand that during the beta and the preview portion of the game the player base may be to small for this to be a implemented feature, however I really and truly hope that in time we could have this option available. Now as for the crafting system, I like how things are currently done, I like that it takes a large amount of time and work to accomplish fixing my house and expanding on my personal safe area. The balance of resources needed to do things felt very good to me, and I didn't mind that some of the guns took a long time to craft. A more complex gun like a RPK should take time to craft and the balance of what was needed to level up worked very well with that time frame for crafting more complex upper level weapons. I never found myself saying, What will I do for a 120mins while my RPK is being crafted. This enabled me to look forward to a outing with a upper tier weapon and it added to the intensity factor when using it! That was very cool in my opinion. I could say I want this , this and this, as far as the options for my safe area (home) goes, but I have only put in about 40hrs or so with the closed beta. As time goes on I will add more suggestions to that. I did mention above two suggestions for upgrading the target range, and I did that because I feel the target range is a Vital part of the game and learning the gunplay mechanics. This game was just simply put such a breath of fresh air for me. Vigor enabled me to play when i only had 10mins to spare but was deep enough that at times I played from 10pm to 6am and never got bored. Being able to exit a match at any time adds a level of freedom of choice that I have never found in a Multiplayer game. One thing that really stood out to me in vigor was that I had encounters where I literally scared other players away. I don't know if I have ever encountered anything like that before. Grant it occasionally I have had it happen in PUBG but nothing like this. The amount of risk in what each player is trying to accomplish really allows that to happen. In once such instance, I had a player jump me in close quarters and I was at a building on my way out. He had a pistol and I had a RPK,, he came in and caught me off guard and wounded me with a clip. I turned and let the rpk just rip loose! He left and never returned! It is those kind of moments that make Vigor so great, Depth and a great importance of tactical game play and learning are already brilliantly there. Above all else freedom of choice to play how and when you want to make for a blend of game-play that is unlike anything I have played. It was a honor to get to be in the closed beta and you have a Founders pack purchaser and tester in me for sure Great work so far Bohemia Interactive! I look forward to playing and giving feedback on Vigor over the rest of this year until it's full release! Sincerely Desode
  10. Desode Drizzt

    Is the open beta for vigor closed for right now ?

    I am guessing so because they had extended it to the 25th. I did learn that you can buy the preview on the 30th and your stuff will carry over. That would explain the main server with our houses still open.
  11. On my way home. I was wondering if they extended the closed beta again? I need my Vigor fix! Any info?
  12. Desode Drizzt


    I had a issue today with Audio crackling really bad. I played last night for 4hrs and no audio issues. Then today I fired up my X and joined a friend in party then started Vigor and it crackled non stop. Exited out of the game to home selected quit game while still in party chat, restarted and the audio was smooth for a little bit then it started again. I will also note that when a map would load the audio would get smooth for a little bit (under a min) then it would start crackling again. I then did a full shut down on the xbox X and restarted but left my head phones plugged into the controller on restart. Joined party again and started Vigor. Now the audio has been smooth with no issues. I am using dolby Atmos on my xbox setting when head phones are plugged into the controller, but the previous night I was using my turtle beach surround sound head phones with fiber optic out of the back of the Xbox and no mic plugged into the controller. If I come across this again I will try and make note of the order in which I did everything that started the audio clicking. Sincerely, Desode
  13. Desode Drizzt

    real names for guns

    Probably not going to happen. After all the law suits against Activision and the developers of "Squad" we will only see real names in games using outdated weapons from WWII and earlier. It is just simply to risky for a developer to do these days.
  14. Desode Drizzt

    Founders pack when ? + how much £££££

    Yes I don't wish to be not playing this game from here on out! We need this information ASAP!