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  1. vigorteam_andrej.thumb.jpg.e0a24aeb9a08ea5b6c091f62cb2acd4f.jpg

    ▶ What do you do on Vigor?
    Sound design. All the ambiances and guns + lot of other effects and UI here and there. Oh yea, sound for trailers too.

    ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?
    I record weird creaking sounds that then creep people out in our maps. I also imitate voices of some old Slovak pre-internet meme freaks to keep the morale high in our audio office.

    ▶ What do you like about Vigor?
    The rush of adrenaline and the tension it can build. The rewarding feeling when I return from the match after accomplishing something.

    ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor?
    Some really fun new game modes, ideally with teams. Flawlessly polished gameplay and gunplay. Maybe even some RPG elements? Where I could beside my shelter also upgrade and progress my character. E.g. less weapon sway, faster reloads if I am more of a marksman. Faster looting, bigger inventory, seeing loot indicators further away if I'm more of a scavenger. Hearing footsteps further, maybe even seeing them somehow indicated on the terrain. Who knows, could be a lot of fun 🙂

    ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor?
    Producing electronic music, going to parties. Playing first-person shooters. Reading books, drinking beers, researching shitcoins..

    ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how?
    I am now a lot more appreciative of what goes into making such a project. How much creativity, skill, and effort it takes in so many disciplines.

    ▶ Your favorite games and why?
    Neverhood comes to mind - I loved it. It was just so adorable and lovely. Hit me right in the feelz. I still have a small Clayman I did 20 years ago lying around somewhere.
    Most recently: Journey. Beautiful work of art in all aspects. Worked like a charm for me.
    Other than that, the usual stuff - Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Starcraft. Each of them brought something new and revolutionary in its time and all are timeless IMO.
    Nowadays it's Day of Infamy, Insurgency. Before those, I played A LOT of old Day of Defeat. Also, CS1.6 should probably have an honorable mention too as I played it on quite a pro-level for like.. 7 years? For defeaters and fu.sk. Good times :')


    ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?
    Music: various DNB mostly as I've played and produced it for quite some time. But other than that probably The Cinematic Orchestra, Zero 7, Lulu Rouge, Burial, Trentemøller, etc.
    Movie: If I had to choose only one then it's nothing too original - The Matrix. It's all in there. But also things like Casino, Full Metal Jacket, Tarantino movies, etc.
    Show: Futurama - I loved how one could find new and new jokes there each time.
    Book: Anything from Alan Watts really. One of the top thinkers ever and he really knew it with words. If I had to choose one then probably The Book.


    ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community?
    It's really fun and refreshing to watch you guys play and comment and give feedback. I appreciate it a lot, don't stop!


    ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?
    Probably just laugh with the absurdity of it all. Oh and then maybe kill myself, dunno lol


    ▶ Bonus question from Viktor
    What videogame sound, sound-cue or ambiance is the most satisfying/memorable for you?

    The coin sound from Mario. And now you just heard it in your mind! Great sound design.
    Also ambiance from Fallout 1 and 2 and Starcraft 1 OST.

  2. With each Update, we will give our partners an opportunity to try new versions of Vigor in advance, with our permission to stream, record and share the preview build.


    This will usually give you a good amount of early info on what are we working on for our next update as well as to spot early blemishes or provide early feedback so we can react to it much faster. 

    If you're interested in learning more, here's a list of partners that currently have access to the Update Preview Program:

























































































  3. vigor_keyart13__4K_logo.thumb.jpg.a63943a13669fa89e9ac7a9bb69be8c9.jpg

    Main New Features :

    Season 2: Hunters

    New Weapons

    • Crossbow
    • Mosin Nagant
    • The John

    New Tools

    • Fake Glint
    • Portable Signal Detector

    Permanent Price Drop

    Bullet Penetration revision

    Character, Camera and Combat polishing


    Shooting, Weapons & Tools

    Fixed: The situation where contact bomb could trigger twice if triggered by player & bomb at the same time

    Fixed: Disabled Hold Breath hint on weapons without a scope – only scoped weapons have this mechanic

    Fixed: Can't fire indicator while jumping

    Changed: Damage of contact bomb to 45

    Added: Portable detector now filters out broken/in-active transmitters & dead outlanders

    Added: A hit indicator when damaged by contact bomb

    Tweaked: Recoil action speed lowered, spread cooldown lowered, adjusted recoil sequences, recoil sizes, and axis altered

    Tweaked: Screen shake upon contact bomb explosion

    Tweaked: The damage range of contact bomb

    Tweaked: Removed stagger from low rarity knives, adjusted roll on scoped weapons, reduced 9mm damage slightly

    Tweaked: Aim points adjusted

    Updated: Detonation radius of contact bomb no longer visible in-game



    Fixed: Interaction markers invisible for dead player bodies

    Fixed: When the player dies with insurance, he should be getting his experience from looted things aswell

    Changed: Reward screen now shows new looted gameplay events

    Tweaked: Airdrop location is updated after 6 seconds instead of the previous 3


    Fixed: Charity Box leaderboards show another Gamertag marked as you - filling order and rank detection reworked

    Fixed: Charity Box does not refresh in-game after the season ends

    Fixed: MessageBox informing about insufficient funds doesn't appear in the Stable Store anymore

    Fixed: Charity Box - Leaderboards - Fast page switching breaks leaderboards

    Fixed: Targets can't be destroyed after entering the shooting challenge

    Fixed: Battle Pass - Infinite looping of claim reward

    Fixed: Daily challenge choosing algorithm can no longer pick Story category as the least used category and therefore find no challenge to pick

    Changed: Added new challenge condition for when the player leaves the encounter as a threat

    Changed: Featured Store - Behaviour when you don't have enough currency

    Changed: Matchmaking can no longer be canceled in the "Waiting for server" state

    Added: Autorotation & rotation of item in the preview

    Tweaked: Ui elements position in the charity box due to long texts

    Tweaked: Battle Pass - Position of onboarding messages to fit the new layout



    Fixed: Movements attenuation - movements are now centered when ADS

    Fixed: Prone body angle

    Added: Collision for the side of stairs



    Fixed: Prone camera allows for clipping

    Fixed: Better left-shoulder camera

    Fixed: PPSh-41 - Left-hand movement during reload animation

    Fixed: Knife hands rotation

    Changed: Rotation for Pukko knife

    Changed: Proper card item images set for tools

    Changed: Moved the spectator to be free look camera

    Tweaked: Thompson SMG reload animations polish

    Tweaked: The birds are spawned more often for hunters season

    Tweaked: Suomi KP/-31 reload animations polish

    Tweaked: Spectator can now rotate around a killer

    Removed: fog from aurora borealis weather



    Fixed: Removed looping sound cue of creaks from farms

    Fixed: Footsteps attenuation and volume

    Added: New jingles for reward screen Hunter season

    Added: New wolf howls to start the match (in map animation) - all maps

    Tweaked: Slightly higher footsteps volume

    Tweaked: Explosion volume lowered

    Tweaked: Faster spawning of bird sounds for hunters season

    Tweaked: Footsteps volume



    Fixed: The player must discover all the places again in every encounter

    Fixed: Xbox logo in splash screen no longer flicks white

    Added: URL for changelog added to the game

    Added: Killer statistics should be now part of the match result structure to be able to show values in reward screen

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  4. Main New Features & Fixers

    Updated: Santa took Xmas back to the North Pole

    Fixed: Connection - leaving with unstable connection doesn't start exit countdown

    Fixed: Interactions - Player unable to interact with a dead player's crate. For example when it was inside a bush

    Changed: Interaction markers significantly improved - more visible, easier to interact

    Added: Welcome notification

    Added: New loading screen hints

    Added: Welcome notification now shows discount for items that are currently on sale

    Tweaked: Adjusted recoil on RPK, PKM, and A-KM
    Tweaked: XP can be gained through new activities (Looting the vault, Looting the Buried Cache)
    Tweaked: Higher rarity items are rewarded with more XP


    Shooting & Weapons

    Fixed: Weapons remain hanging in the air after the player leaves the encounter

    Fixed: Sway not working on weapons equipped at the start

    Fixed: IK for pistols

    Fixed: Bodyposture in ADS moving

    Fixed: Tools - Alarm Trap and Contact Bomb don't interact with each other

    Fixed: Tools - Contact bomb can damage you for the 2nd time after destroying it

    Fixed: Alarm Trap - the range of the trap is not displayed

    Fixed: Killing yourself by contact bomb no longer counts as kill/headshot for match performance stats

    Fixed: Contact Bomb Suicide is now displayed correctly

    Changed: Fixes to aiming, ragdolling, IK for animations

    Changed: Aiming better suited for closer camera

    Tweaked: Increased damage for GFK and KDV-1

    Tweaked: ADS of most of the released weapons has been improved

    Tweaked: Removal of stagger from most weapons

    Tweaked: Changed ADS and aim point position on Thompson

    Tweaked: Adjusted roll-on scoped weapons

    Tweaked: Reduced 9mm damage slightly



    Fixed: Interaction not possible with Barred house safe and Comm station

    Fixed: It is no longer possible to Interact with cupboard through the wall

    Fixed: Second interaction with combination lock container to open the loot UI after solving the code is no longer required; it opens immediately on its own

    Changed: More buried cache locations in maps

    Tweaked: Exit volumes rescaled, buried caches added to Ridge and Snow Forest maps



    Fixed: Player is displayed in both the global leader board and in his friend’s leader boards as well

    Fixed: Overlapping of improvement image and build timer when the time is long

    Fixed: It is no longer possible to initiate crafting of a weapon or consumable if the remaining time to craft previously queued item is 0 seconds.

    Fixed: Player is no longer kicked out of Shelter to start screen while crafting weapons/consumables in rapid succession.

    Fixed:  Interaction point of Battle Pass Mailboxes is better positioned

    Fixed: The option to buy premium battle pass no longer disappears when at maximum level

    Fixed: Purchasing max level of battle pass no longer always results in an error message being shown

    Fixed: Battle Pass Daily Login notification should now correctly appear when entering Shelter

    Fixed: Repeated Building Of Same Improvements is allowed and sometimes kicks players to the main screen

    Fixed: Player can't exit the Battle Pass Rewards Screen if the claim request fails

    Fixed: Row marking friends in Leaderboards stayed on the same spot even after moving the leaderboards

    Fixed: Shooting range - Targets can't be destroyed after entering the shooting challenge

    Fixed: Correct slot is now selected when changing focus to the left in the main Battle Pass screen

    Changed: The navigation in the main Battle Pass screen. It now allows the pages to cycle

    Added: Onboarding messages now appear for Battle Pass shelter screen



    Fixed: Character getting up from prone when reloading  

    Fixed: Prone body bending

    Changed: Disabled behavior forcing the player out of prone

    Changed: Crouching behavior made more consistent when climbing and vaulting

    Changed: Adjusted collision geometry so the player is not getting stuck in the corner

    Changed: Cleaned up some spots in interiors for better movement

    Added: Can change crouch stance in mid-air

    Tweaked: Gestures behavior when other player inputs occur 



    Fixed: Spectator Teamkiller Status Replication

    Fixed: Spectator Target Name Replication

    Fixed: Stuttering movement of spectator camera

    Fixed: Hair clipping females with certain caps

    Fixed: Damage Post-Process being visible within Spectator when a player pawn dies from 'one-hit'

    Fixed: Animations - Interaction - Left-hand gets broken after repeated interaction with an object

    Fixed: Gestures - Female archetype disjoints left-hand elbow in Thumbs up gesture preview

    Fixed: Gestures - Slots display mannequin in idle pose after switching tabs

    Changed: Upon dying to tool “You were killed” message is displayed

    Added: Destructible mesh for headshot flipping target

    Added: Headshot target photo for shooting range challenges

    Tweaked: Ambiences in Bridges map

    Tweaked: Reward Screen now shows rewards that player gets for leveling up and correctly shows it's experience and achieved actions that rewarded him with the XP

    Tweaked: Headgear render target preview has hidden some parts of the face



    Fixed: Sound: rattrap -The ambient sound doesn't stop when collecting the rat trap. Ambient volume changed to make sound hearable only on a given floor

    Fixed: Attenuation set for cookie timer on the start of the match

    Fixed: Issue where the wrong sound FX were played when running out of breath to hold

    Fixed: Switched loop sounds and interact with sounds on all things I previously worked on. Added different sounds on unequipping ammo and consumables (looted sound).

    Added: missing sounds into onboarding, challenge, shelter builder, crafting table and spectator

    Tweaked: Made sure other hit sounds cannot play while the last one is playing

    Tweaked: Audio layers of gunshots now raise volume and pitch with depleting ammo

    Tweaked: Attenuation for all firearms



    Fixed: Losing 1PV when out of ADS and the network connection is poor

    Fixed: Ammo name set to wrap to work properly in all languages

    Fixed: Collisions of several versions of the outbox improvement are incorrect

    Tweak: Adjusted the tutorial airdrop land location bit up so the airdrop clips into groundless

    Tweaked: Made the base XP progress show instantly when the player enters reward screen

    Tweaked: Airdrop position in Reward Screen Scene

    Removed: Option to swap controller sticks in Controls settings

  5. Most Important:

    Tweaked: Radiation speed was lowered by 1/4 and starts after 12 minutes now
    Tweaked: Amount of loot in all maps was increased

    Tweaked: Content of airdrop Crates was improved (higher chance to obtain consumable plans, higher chance to obtain tools..) 
    Changed: Weapon parts crafting Value = This makes deconstruction of weapons yield more materials as well

    Added: New Type of Pack - Outlander Armory pack available in Store
    - Includes: • 5x M21 + 50x ammo • 5x A74-K + 300x ammo • 5x AUR Para + 150x ammo • 5x ZA M72 + 200 ammo • 5x Combat Magnum + 36x ammo • 650 crowns

    - This pack may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time

    Other changes: 

    Updated: Player must now own plan for respective tool challenges
    Tweaked: Made SVD better
    Tweaked: Sniper rifles nerfed a bit (except for SVD)

    Tweaked: SVD Textures

    Tweaked: Pressing retry lets you start from where you stand in shooting challenges
    Fixed: Player could remain stuck in the Battle Pass Reward Screen under certain conditions
    Fixed: Rewards for leveling up now use the correct level rewards in Rewards screen
    Fixed: Crowns bundles are no longer marked as owned
    Fixed: Suspending game during loading should work better now

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  6. ELLGGt6XsAAH6Ew?format=jpg&name=900x900

    Main New Features

    Battle Pass 

    Season 1: Preppers 

    Tools (Contact Bomb, Transmitter, Alarm Trap)

    Crafting Boosters 

    Teamkiller Looting Disabled

    Charity Box Rewards

    Shooting Range Moving Targets

    Colour Blind Options

    New Guns (SVD, Gewehr 3 SG1, A-KM, GFK, KDV-1)

    New Challange Types

    Weapon Destroying

    Faster Radiation

    Christmas Assets


    Shooting & Weapons

    Fixed: WeaponState - full auto fire shows unnecessarily when the player is killed during fire

    Fixed: Maschinengewehr 3 magazine clipping with left arm

    Fixed: There are no bullets coming from PPSh-41 and PKM

    Fixed: Shooting for too long lowers your weapon and you stop shooting

    Fixed: State machine - Crash when finished action evokes another action

    Fixed: Colt Python pushback to prevent wall-peaking

    Fixed: Melee and ranged damage does not interrupt the application of healing consumables

    Fixed: Melee does not work in waist-deep water

    Fixed: Misaligned weapons in 1st person view iron sights (or scopes)  

    Fixed: RPK-74 reload animations desynchronization

    Fixed: Unwanted delay present before player switches from weapon to consumable

    Changed: Aim assist slows the aiming sooner than before when close to overlapping with character

    Changed: Lowered stack sizes for all weapons

    Added: HUD message which informs the player that ADS is only allowed in prone (KvKK 62, M60 E3, PKM)

    Tweaked: PPSh-41 Recoil lowered slightly, readjusted stack sizes and weight



    Fixed: Barricaded House planks no longer block interactions on the client when falling off

    Fixed: Looting some containers can cause a crash on other clients

    Fixed: Buried cache - Player is able to interact with the buried cache from a distance

    Fixed: Buried Cache no longer has an interaction dot, for real this time

    Fixed: Character is no longer stuck in looting pose when canceling interaction with buried cache

    Fixed: Buried Cache no longer has dirt out visuals when not yet excavated

    Changed: Loot in tutorial fixed

    Changes: Airdrop and spawn fixes

    Changed: Food placement

    Tweaked: More loot attached to Tourists Rest point of interest

    Changed: New buried cache photos for Grontheim

    Added: Objective items in inventory are now displayed with special effect

    Tweaked: Loot containers added to several locations, fuel removed from Cabin in the Woods point of interest

    Tweaked: Interaction volumes tweaked to be intractable from all stances



    Fixed: Leaderboard now shows all players correctly

    Fixed: Unlocked Shooting Range Challenges went back to being locked if the player didn’t own the challenge weapon

    Fixed: Shooting range could be reset after completion of a challenge

    Fixed: Weapon In 1PV view becomes invisible at a shooting range after completing a challenge

    Fixed: Targets remain in the shooting area if you take a challenge during an active one

    Fixed: Friends in global Leaderboards now has their rank visible to each other

    Fixed: Friends are now highlighted when browsing leaderboards

    Fixed: Shooting Range Challenges - Cancelling a challenge by MENU interaction keeps the challenge loadout

    Fixed: Shooting Range - Leaving during animation will keep character holding weapon

    Fixed: When player is at the bottom of the leaderboard, he is no longer shown twice

    Fixed: 3D character preview in wardrobe - smooth transition from main menu to submenu

    Fixed: Generators now show correct "material" icon

    Changed: Shelter builder progress bar now shows more comprehensible values

    Changed: Shooting range challenges HUD improvements

    Changed: Shooting range challenges are now grouped per weapon

    Changed: Gesture wheel on Customization > Gesture slot enlarged so long names fit better

    Changed: Destroy action in Loadout UI can now be performed on any item

    Changed: Assigned new photos to challenges

    Added: Moving targets on Shooting Range

    Added: Thematic sale labels added to both Stable and Exclusive shop

    Tweaked: Position of the countdown in Shooting Range

    Tweaked: Graphics of  Shooting Range challenges UI

    Added Challenges:

    Be the last player to leave the encounter

    Craft X amount of weapons

    Deconstruct X amount weapons

    Heal a total of X amount of health points

    Loot X amount of resource/item (just loot, not bring back to the shelter)

    Be the first to interact with the buried cache

    Deal X amount of damage to Players (team members excluded)

    Kill X amount players, with a minimal/maximal distance of Y

    Use X amount of consumables

    Leave with the airdrop with 0 kills



    Fixed: Pinky finger clipping on Pistols and Scorpion

    Fixed: Typo in Portuguese localization that resulted in the text not being displayed at all

    Fixed: Weapon magazine was disappearing too soon and not synced with the left hand  

    Fixed: Spectator Target Name did not refresh when the Spectator Target changed

    Fixed: Maschinengewehr 3 position was slightly adjusted so it doesn't clip with the left arm

    Fixed: Threat and team killer marker didn’t disappear when the marked player left the level

    Fixed: Health post-process shouldn't be visible in the spectator anymore

    Fixed: Insurance markers are once again correctly displayed on all relevant items

    Fixed: Hand interacting with a magazine looking off during reload animation of M1 Carbine

    Fixed: Hand pose when grabbing the radio during the tutorial cutscene

    Fixed: When using the PKM, it's chamber door is not animated when empty casings are ejected from the weapon

    Fixed: Hand is not interacting with a magazine while reloading Zastava M72

    Fixed: PA md.86 Magazine reload animation was playing twice

    Fixed: Hand was not interacting with the magazine during reloading of Luger

    Fixed: Holding of rifles was not correct when the character is in deep water

    Fixed: PKM - Wrong grip when looking down with the gun

    Fixed: Localization - Spanish Language: Rubik's Cube - Background Gradient Shorter Than Text

    Fixed: Localization - Spanish Language: Button Tool Tip Is Not Centered On Map

    Fixed: Display name of Vz.52 rifle now starts with upper case letter, making it consistent with other weapons

    Fixed: Encounter notifications that are received while in spectate mode are no longer displayed in the shelter (or possibly even new encounter)

    Fixed: Healing progression wheel is visible when using consumables in prone

    Fixed: Spectator Target Name did not refresh when the Spectator Target changed

    Fixed: The chamber door for empty ammo casings was not animated

    Changed: Airdrop parachute falling - visual improvements

    Changed: New photos for Buried chase

    Changed: Additional text displayed next to "Invite Friend" action in Game Menu no longer mentions Shelter while the player is in Tutorial

    Changed: Leave area message is now displayed in the upper half of the screen

    Added: Missing recoil animations (PH_M82 / ZA M76) Check if its to be released in 1.2

    Added: Wounded post-process effects

    Added: Missing RPK-74 Hands reloading animations

    Added: Shortcut button to details panel of the exclusive shop to buy HC when the player doesn't have enough

    Added: New option that allows the player to change the color of their crosshair to one of predefined colors (White, Aqua, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Magenta)

    Added: Colour palette table which serves for defining different colors based on the player's color vision deficiency setting

    Added: New options for players with color vision deficiency. Players can now optionally select one of 3 modes (Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia) as well as strength of the selected mode

    Tweaked: Added missing chambering and weapon fire animations



    Fixed: Movement network refactor. This should fix multiple bugs, such as characters bugging out on ladders, position desync, also some occasions of the character getting stuck in prone near objects

    Fixed: Crouch/Standing transitions with sidearms makes hand overlap with the body

    Fixed: Transitions running sideways with the rifle had the wrong ending pose causing some sliding (Stand to Prone)

    Changes: Fall damage updated

    Added: Transitions running sideways with the rifle (Prone to Stand)

    Tweaked: Gesture animations polish



    Fixed: Shooting range target plays multiple bullet hits at the same time

    Added: Sound for stamina male character

    Added:  New music for loading to Brodalen Bridges

    Added: Sound layer for more boosters bought

    Tweaked: Heartbeat volume lowered

    Tweaked: Ambient sounds in Trainstation

    Tweaked: Ambient sounds in Brodalen Bridges

    Tweaked: Volume up on water bullet hits



    Fixed: Encounter Hint 'Player Near Airdrop'

    Fixed: Encounter Hint 'Other Player has picked up the airdrop'

    Fixed: Daily challenges - UI does not refresh when opened, the countdown goes below 0

    Fixed: HUD message informing the player about possibility to hold/release breath is now correctly displayed in multiplayer

    Fixed: Translation of "Team killer" in the French localization

    Fixed: Taking another challenge during an active one keeps the challenge loadout

    Fixed: Threat player does not become a team killer after killing his teammate

    Fixed: Consumables - Healing continues during interaction (and looting UI)

    Fixed: Low Health Post Process remaining in Spectator

    Changed: "Leave Team" action in Game Menu is now activated on hold (used to be press)

    Added: Plugged in the new health post-process (Hit, Miss and Damage indication)

    Added: Unique Spawn in Shelter after Tutorial -- radio lady & achievement

    Added: New Credits category and names of employees

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  7. 75051727_3097587113590394_9111044825154584576_o.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_oc=AQm25ewSd8xIDw8K_nourxiZhERo5lsgi6CtGZhMqM5eYtMMCAY8p6K_CR0qYyvLIa0&_nc_ht=scontent.fprg2-1.fna&oh=b2f79080f9eed5c9ff23aef7bd17421e&oe=5E3F1EE3



    Fixed: It's no longer possible to peek through walls with a revolver

    Changed: Lobby multiple boosters - Player can buy multiple boosters of the same kind - new feature (Insurance is not influenced, only Better Crate and More Loot)
    Changed: The Better crate booster is now cheaper (From 45 to 30 Crowns)

    Added: New weapon PKM machine gun

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  8. 75412214_3083404705008635_3501277410081374208_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_oc=AQmT15IVFIbJMTtjGkfz-QjyzdvNACBaGH1M4qm_Ry06sDH4AYRp0IUMvrkDZXSGLkg&_nc_ht=scontent.fprg2-1.fna&oh=d2af5c0eac664deeae274ec9e87b5ee4&oe=5E41AD53

    ▶ What do you do on Vigor?
    I do them levels. From sketching ideas on paper, sculpting the terrain and arranging houses to placing individual trees, flowers and also bushes (and to prevent speculation ->  I'm not the one who made them bulletproof! :D)

    ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?
    Right now I am working on a cool new map while occasionally maintaining and bug fixing on the current ones.
    I also personally make sure the coffee maker doesn't get a minute of rest.

    ▶ What do you like about Vigor?
    The freedom you have at the start of every encounter when you're figuring out what your approach is going to be. Also, the fact you can go in empty-handed and still come out on top.

    ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor?
    Maybe an additional quicker game mode á la team deathmatch... something to soothe the nerves after you get out-camped by some [edited] for the third time 🙂

    ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor?
    One adorable two-year-old emperor makes me devote all my time running a railway operation around our couch for the Little Mole & gang... and occasionally when I'm not doing that, I like to design houses.

    ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how?
    As a kid, I always kinda suspected its not all fun & games as it might have seemed to be.
    Now I can tell that it is definitely more fun and more games than most other lines of work, though the enormous scope of these projects can be overwhelming at times.


    ▶ Your favorite games and why?
    Half-life is one of the all-time greats for me. Producing custom maps with its Hammer editor sparked my interest in game dev in the first place and no other game will ever have such a massive place in my heart as its mod, the original e-sport, classic Counter-strike 1.6
    After some 20 years of playing it and countless keyboards snapped in half, here I am still a regular on my local deathmatch server 🙂

    ▶What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?
    Music - definitely my all-time favorite is the electronic duo Boards of Canada
    I also really enjoy diving into the obscure subgenres of vaporwave, drone, and ambient. Favorite artists: Nmesh, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, HKE, 猫 シ Corp., cv313, Patâgoniå, Sport3000

    Movies - apart from the obvious Matrix/Inception/Taxi Driver stuff I also love me some cruel old middle ages in Markéta Lazarová (1967) and for something not so deadly serious there is Sideways (2004) to rewatch once every few years...

    Show - trying to avoid the popular ones right now 😄 It can become very time-consuming once you're in... looking at you, Mad Men!

    Book - Magician by R.E.Feist


    ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community?
    Thank you for the feedback & all the memes! ❤️

    ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?
    I'd have a blast on those empty roads.

    ▶ Bonus (From Kamil)
    If you had to live in a videogame level, which one would you choose?
    The Citadel Island (the city at the beginning of Little Big Adventure 2) - it has the best atmosphere of any videogame place from my recollection.

    ▶ Viktor also has a Youtube channel so make sure to stop by 😉 


  9. Thank you guys for this interesting discussion - team killing has been a discussion topic here in our office for a while now, so make sure to keep the feedback coming it's helping us a bunch as we can see the issue from a different perspective

  10. Glad to hear the issue was sorted out. Keep the feedback coming - there might not be a response to everything but we are at least trying to read everything. After all the community has grown so much over the past few months. - It was much easier when there were a few posts a month on the forum 😉
    Please do not forget that there's only me and occasionally Statnyb0 to reply to all of your comments. 

  11. 72978428_3031247140224392_13904247264001


    Fixed: Game crashing when someone kills a player who is firing at that time

    Fixed: Aiming with knife pose

    Changed: Shotgun shells have a reduced penetration.

    Changed: shotguns no longer receive spread bonuses when crouched or in prone.

    Changed: AUR A1- recoil reduced all round

    Changed: A74-K- semi-automatic recoil reduced.

    Changed: Izh43 - stagger adjusted

    Changed: Aur Para - Spreadcooldown time and spread sequence increased slightly, semi-automatic recoil reduced

    Changed: Skorpion - semi-automatic recoil reduced.

    Changed: MGV-176 - semi-automatic recoil reduced.

    Added: Muzzle flashes and muzzle particles for weapons that were missing them.

    Tweaked: ZA M72 - 40 rounds, adjusted bolt action rifle


    Changed: All consumables now weight 1 metric Vigor. 1 metric Vigor is an established unit of measurement.

    Changed: Polaroids have lost weight, weigh 0.04.

    Changed: Resources weigh less - between 1 and 3 per full-stack. 50% reduction on some items.

    Added: All ammunition is in larger stacks, and weigh less (roughly 50%), with the exception of shotgun shells which weigh slightly more(20%).

    Tweaked: Improved loot for a buried cache

    Tweaked: Electronics resource spread throughout the Ridge level


    Fixed: Alien/Sausage hands with Vest uniform on Male archetype

    Fixed: Archetypes in Tutorial not displayed in the correct order

    Fixed: Magazine offset during reloading animations was removed

    Fixed: Female poses were adjusted so the look correctly in Lobby

    Fixed: PM position was slightly adjusted so it doesn't clip with the left arm

    Fixed: Hand grenades as a description of some weapons


    Fixed: Switching language while in the lobby now correctly changes all text

    Fixed: Advanced Controls in Options screen are now scrollable. As a result, gamepad input actions are properly visible in all languages.

    Changed: Visual of hint/tooltip in Options.

    Changed: Lootbox Reward Screen Back button now functions of input released instead of pressed

    Tweaked: Level design fixes in Brodalen Bridges


    Fixed: Shelter - Antenna shows generate per hour value instead of a per day


    Fixed: Jumping in place with Rifle was playing Unarmed animation

    Added: Movement in water animations with Pistol in all directions

    Tweaked: Arms position when moving forward in the water with Pistol

    Tweaked: Machine Gun position adjusted again. All Machine Gun locomotion animations were slightly tweaked so the right hand stays away from the body avoiding clipping.

    Shop & Crowns
    There are also various changes done when it comes to Hard Currency and Shop.

    Changed: Starter Pack - instead of 500 Crowns Player will now receive 650 Crowns

    Changed: Outlander Pack - instead of 3000 Crowns Player will now receive 4000 Crowns

    Changed: Crowns Pack 1 - instead of 155 Crowns Player will now receive 195 Crowns

    Changed: Crowns Pack 2 - instead of 310 Crowns Player will now receive 390 Crowns

    Changed: Crowns Pack 3 - instead of 620 Crowns Player will now receive 780 Crowns +155 Crowns Bonus

    Changed: Crowns Pack 4 - instead of  1550 Crowns Player will now receive 1955 Crowns + 575 Crowns Bonus

    Changed: Crowns Pack 5 - instead of 3100 Crowns Player will now receive 3900 Crowns +2100 Crowns Bonus


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  12. On 10/9/2019 at 3:12 PM, Civilian5902 said:

    On the buried cache, can you confirm: Do we have multiple pictures on the same map for 1 cache ? 



    Yes indeed there are multiple polaroids on each map showing the same location - to make the hunt more intense 🙂 


    On 10/9/2019 at 6:55 PM, Civilian5902 said:

    Nothing on food purposes ? Is it still on work ? Will we get something or will it stay for leaderboard only ?

    Yes indeed the food purpose is still in the development 🙂


    On 10/9/2019 at 3:12 PM, Asherkelley said:

    Did this update change the antenna back? If not, why? the whole community is against this lowered rate of crowns.  

    While we value community feedback deeply, those changes are not something we will have a complete picture of immediately. Already some monetization changes are being developed so stay tuned 🙂

  13. 72481324_3014215038594269_2930585537590853632_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_oc=AQnFsMpTg_QKaQiiTcuS9zL-3uqYc4OdJjMOHdrbS3uJDzBaf7usKYhAfDDe_N_w3Lk&_nc_ht=scontent.fprg2-1.fna&oh=5db700d34c27aeacc5edc97e5f0a49e2&oe=5E2C3F1E

    ▶ What do you do on Vigor?
    Senior Graphic Artist


    ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?
    My specialization is the graphic part of weapons, props and other assets.


    ▶ What do you like about Vigor?
    As a person who doesn't like cold weather in real life, I'm really into the Norwegian setting of Vigor.


    ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor?
    More game modes would be cool!


    ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor?
    Right now I'm participating in Inktober. It is a drawing challenge where you're supposed to do one ink drawing a day during the entire month. And I'm also part of the Blood 1 modding community for a looong time.


    ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how?
    Throughout the last few decades, video games have become a cultural touchstone and extended their relevance way beyond the early years. And with almost 18 years in the game industry, while becoming an important part of the team that creates games I would say yes 😉


    ▶ Your favorite games and why?
    Blood, Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior - the Holy Trinity of the Build engine. Doom, Quake, Half-Life series, Ion Maiden and many more 3D shooter deserves a mention. I'd put them on the same level. These games are as much fun now as they were back in the nineties.
    And why? Because you can mod these games. In some way, you can alter the game and how it's played creating your own unique experience.
    Plus I have met many dedicated people that rally behind modding certain games for either technical help or even just encouragement and inspiration.


    ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?
    I finally got my hands on Blood, Sweat, and Pixels book. I like books about the game industry overall.
    When it comes to music, I like Tool, Deftones, Dälek, Death Grips, Nine Inch Nails and many, many more. It is hard to pick just a few 😉 And you should check the Brutal Assault festival if you are into metal music. Best festival in the world!

    When it comes to shows - Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty and South Park.


    ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community?
    Feedback is an important part of game development. It's a tool that is used to build things up, not break things down. Ask questions and make memes!


    ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?
    I would grab a guitar and start a post-apocalyptic hardcore band!


    Bonus (From Radim)
    ▶ What's your favorite video game soundtrack?

    This one is easy - Quake II

  14. 8dP8dEUnYr3WfV46ZQHL_1024.jpg

    New Features:

    New Map

    • Brodalen Bridges map added


    Buried Cache

    • addition of a new game event: Buried Cache
    • pictures spawn at random locations in levels and will display the location of hidden treasure, players who manage to figure out the location of this buried cache will be rewarded with its contents


    New Weapons

    •  MGV-176
    •  Combat Magnum
    •  SSG-82
    •  ZA M72


    Weapon Changes

    • Tweaks to sway, spread, recoil.


    Character Customization

    • new color variants of existing assets
    • New cosmetics



    • re-balanced challenge conditions
    • re-balanced challenge rewards


    Loading Screen Hints

    • on the loading screen to shelter and levels are added text hints
    • they are randomly selected
    • hint changes after 7 seconds


    Threat and TK distinction

    • addition of a new icon "Team Killer"
    • Improved visuals of the "Threat" icon
    • killing your teammate no longer marks you as "Threat" but now marks you as "Team Killer"
    • players marked as "Team killer" can no longer become a "Threat"
    • players marked as "Threat" can still be marked as "Team killer" upon team killing
    • Team kills no longer count towards kill progression in challenges
    • "Threat" and "Team Killer" status are now visible in spectator mode


    Hit/near miss indicator changes

    • Changed frequency of miss/hit indicator changes


    Shooting range refactor

    • new challenges for the new weapons of 1.1
    • Combat Magnum
    • SSG-82
    • ZA M72
    • fixed the glitch that allowed the same challenge to be active multiple times, which enabled players to get impossibly high scores
    • re balancing of challenges & challenge times
    • reset of challenge high scores


    Camera and Movement Changes

    • Inventory Load
    • Machine Gun Stance


    Loot rebalance


    Store rarities simplification


    Other than that:

    Fixed: Unpenetrable bushes
    Fixed: Wrong rotation on prone and sprinting
    Fixed: Misplaced interaction on some door frames and objects

    Fixed: Weapon preview is empty

    Fixed: Shooting sounds and muzzle flash are not played on client
    Fixed: Ability to change stance during digging
    Fixed: Locked customization variants are visible/shown in the wardrobe

    Fixed: - Rat Trap - The assets are invisible in the shelter
    Fixed: Insurance markers are once again correctly displayed on all relevant items.
    Fixed: Food is now insured.

    Tweaked: Sway reduction across the board
    Tweaked: 0.22 lowered damage
    Tweaked: Combat Magnum - increased recoil, spread sequence and cooldown time
    Tweaked: Combat Magnum, Makarov, Luger - reduced recoil
    Tweaked: Knives - re-enabled KnifeADS
    Tweaked: AUR - adjusted semi fire recoil, spread cooldown
    Tweaked: G3 - spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
    Tweaked: A74-K   - spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
    Tweaked: Vz. 58 P  - spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
    Tweaked: PA md. 86  - spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
    Tweaked: M1 carbine -  adjusted recoil sequence
    Tweaked: Suomi KP/-31 - nerfed
    Tweaked: PM-63 RAK, Skorpion - reduced semi recoil
    Tweaked: Gal - Spread increased

    Tweaked: loot containers content

    Tweaked: Leap of faith now possible


    Changed: gesture wheel on Customization > Gestures enlarged so long names fit better
    Changed: edited icons for heavy machine guns, not all require crouch/prone to ADS

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  15. 70994853_2968052506543856_7485958590532943872_n.png?_nc_cat=101&_nc_eui2=AeEgEiWEEj_cLSDXdmQob4Zpy4qBUQH75ugcYufCacewcjRWpztVkPzbYe_091V330r3y5E0-s7PJMdR_iLiFbaKKLaj-pImWMtCacgzGna1Mw&_nc_oc=AQkS3bNkCcnwUbPx6eDS09bSy8WwoRlVEkTtPIOYdored1zI-A0l5VopyC6gqJ6lL0Q&_nc_ht=scontent.fprg2-1.fna&oh=57393d45c3a7a6c93e0c793002bfd320&oe=5DF5394F

    ▶ What do you do on Vigor?

    I'm Working as a Level Designer. That means to design environments and then assemble them together with the use of models made by Artists.


    ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?

    Level design starts as an idea and maybe map drawn on paper. Then we create simple placeholder models, sculpt the terrain, place objects, props, and vegetation and add gameplay elements like loot. Then play and analyze if there is enough cover, uninteresting areas which need to be improved and so on. In the end, Levels are hopefully enjoyable to play and as pleasant to the eye as possible.

    ▶ What do you like about Vigor?

    Feeling of uncertainty. Arriving to an area not knowing what awaits me there. Bunch of angry outlanders or just a trail of corpses from unseen battles. Those far away shootouts which I'm not a part of but which can change the encounter for me. There will be fewer survivors fighting for the resources after that.

    Shootouts where I exchange few gunshots with my enemy and then, realizing how precious the ammo is, we both quietly disengage and disappear in the forests.

    ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor?

    I want to see a meaningful character or shelter progression. Levels, new abilities, skills, etc. Character improvements in general.

    And to have game systems supporting non-aggressive encounters with others. Ways to cooperate with random people met in the world on some task or just try to survive together.
    Imagine that you are hiding in some old house from the snowstorm and from the balcony you see an outlander slowly approaching your shelter. He doesn't have to be a threat to you worthy of a full magazine of bullets but an opportunity and asset.

    ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor?

    I'm quite a gamer myself. From Video games to board games or pen&paper RPGs. I'm up for any kind of game. A Hobby my wife vigorously hates. I like movies, theatrical plays, sports events (as a fan) as well.

    Apart from that, I like visiting restaurants and doing other social activities with a group of friends.

    ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how?
    Of course, it did! As a game dev, I understand game mechanics and what is behind them, how the pipelines in the industry work. Just by looking at or playing a video game I can analyze it, find a reason behind some decisions, evaluate the cost of features and so on. Especially in my field of profession I can appreciate some games like Dark Souls even more and see production cuts in others – looking at you Dragon Age 2.

    ▶ Your favorite games and why?

    I play most of the game genres, but at the moment my favorites are probably grand strategy games from Paradox Interactive – Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron etc,...

    Other notable mentions would be Open World Adventure games like Red Dead Redemption, GTA or Assassins Creed and RPG games in general.

    ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?

    In terms of music, I like to listen to Irish Folk songs.

    Movies shows and books are interconnected. I like fantasy and history. So nobody can be surprised if I say Game of Thrones here (both books and show), Lord of the Rings, Witcher, etc.

    I'm a huge fan of History so my favorite books are encyclopedias and educational books. One example would be Greatest military blunders from Geoffrey Regan.

    ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community?

    Apart from the usual stuff like give us a chance, there are great things coming to our game and so on. I want to say one more thing – guys, try to be nice to each other from time to time and not shoot everyone on sight. Try to play differently. One of my greatest experience playing Vigor was when I convinced someone to leave by only aiming at him (even though I was out of bullets).
    And please, don't hesitate to write your feedback and ideas. Its a great read from time to time.

    ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?

    I would try to assemble a group from my family and friends and move somewhere safe. Or at least a place presumed to be safe.

    Norway is too cold and far away, South is too hot, East and West pretty dangerous, so maybe wine cellars in South Moravia. That sounds like a pretty safe place to me.

    Bonus (From Kuba)
    ▶What is the difference for you between designing an open world (like in Arma) and smaller levels (like in Vigor)? What do you like more and why?

    There are interesting procedures in the creation of both kinds of those environments. In large open worlds, you have to follow some basic urban logic between areas. If you put the airport somewhere there will be infrastructure around it, bigger towns will have necessary facilities like shops, school, gas station, public spaces. You have to think about power distribution, highways and so on. And everything has to be reasonably connected.

    Smaller environments allow you to put more details in them. You can carefully place every flower or rock while ignoring what is beyond the boundaries of such level. You can make only the areas which are really interesting. One Landmark can be level in itself. On top of that player movement can be predicted more and areas can be designed with that in mind.
    It's hard to tell what I like more, but I have to say that for now, I'm really enjoying this different approach Vigor allow me to apply.


  16. 16 hours ago, L3thal Euskal said:


    What does "Localization" mean? I am in France and my game is still in English ...

    The translation into French and other languages will happen with the full release of the game - but we have been also adding more texts in English so that's what the localization in the changelog means 🙂

  17. 67927589_2855751027774005_5376881016835145728_o.png?_nc_cat=109&_nc_eui2=AeHjBHAu6Leng0LI9xKt07b6jA5zuAQ0tTtGZ1gd6dUolhKa8Tb99CvVLqVSZsOwJxssQNxPcQSC34_UnYym4fD4K6rGBm44PhmwOTPLeJrzRQ&_nc_oc=AQlcf1PH9j3YkCgXd7X7s8xuVrEnkrINqp5oTXugtljQZHiZY9_ZcrB6ZZqA2haD-PI&_nc_ht=scontent.fprg2-1.fna&oh=766a5be79491d858929987781984aae8&oe=5DE2CE42

    Changed: Interactions are now again exclusive.

    Changed: Character is now more responsive to input controls.

    Fixed: Shooting range challenges renamed so it doesn't look like there are some missing.

    Fixed: Unable to close onboarding widget

    Fixed: Crash when changing stance

    Fixed: Offset position of weapons of lobby mannequins

    Fixed: Weapon Skins applied on lobby mannequin

    Fixed: Leaderboards -- displaying of 10 worst players fixed, no overflow if too many friends

    Fixed: Localization 

    Fixed: Landing animations notify keys timings

    Fixed: [Reward Screen] - Weapons are not attached to the player

    Fixed: Missing slower speed in prone was added.

    Fixed: Mipmaps on a mannequin

    Fixed: Added missing crate images.

    Fixed: Gestures - Player cannot set a gesture slot to "None" in the Gestures tab

    Fixed: Windows vaulting fix - buildings were rebuilt

    Fixed: Wrong positions of muzzle flash sockets fixed


    Tweaked: Melee on crouched players was extremely difficult, lowered the height.

    Tweaked: Reloads

    Tweaked: Jump animations sounds

    Tweaked: turning cards SFX is heavier

    Tweaked: interaction time prolonged 

    Tweaked: New polishing iteration on Screen Reward animations

    Tweaked: buy the item in shop SFX

    Updated: New materials for older windows

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  18. EApzSAtWwAYp7_k?format=jpg&name=large

    Camera and Movement Changes

    Max-Speed affected by total backpack weight.

    Forward movement when sprinting.

    Fall damage is less deadly.

    Take less damage when falling into the water.

    Ladders rework: 

    Sprinting and sliding behaviors..

    Improved interaction markers.

    New animations  - hands

    Climbing/Vaulting rework: 

    Hands should be placed in the correct places when moving.

    Weapon Changes

    Re-balanced  Weapons 

    Staggers have been added 

    Recoil smoothing 

    Aim point transition smoothing.

    Aim assist smoothing when toggling between 1PV and 3PV.

    Weapon lower/raise times tweaked.

    Adjusted holding positions for weapons.


    Character Changes

    Reworked Stamina 

    Stamina bar added.

    New hit reacts/death reacts.

    Melee Changes


    Character Customization

    2 new female archetypes 

    Variety of new character cosmetics

    New default uniform: (Rain Jacket (Green))

    New default backpack: (Travel Bag (Tan))


    15 new gestures available 

    The player can now customize gestures selection wheel in the shelter - Customize/Gestures - can assign up to 8 gestures

    7 default gestures available +  Dust off hands for owners of Founder' pack

    gesture's position in the selection wheel:


    Level Events

    New & improved hints for Signals Detector usage

    New icons below compass displaying various player states 

    Threat icon which blinks when the position is revealed

    Tracked by airdrop icon which blinks when the position is revealed

    Spotted by signal detector icon which blinks when the position is revealed 

    The Safe and Locked Chest now scale properly with the number of loot boosters


    Firing Range Challenges

    New shooting challenges 

    Shooting challenges now need to be unlocked through acquiring the respective weapons

    New shooting range challenge unlocked UI pop-up

    Various shooting range challenges menu improvements 

    2 new shooting targets

    Paint spray: destroyed when shot

    Big traffic sign: destroyed when taking enough damage

    Multiplayer Lobby

    Visual overhaul for the lobby

    Improved UI, visuals & audio for purchasing of boosters

    Duo's are now marked in the lobby as a duo (next to each other + icon)

    Purchasing of a booster now has a pop-up confirmation


    Social Boosters

    Loot booster price changed from 45 to 30 crowns



    Full re-balance

    New on-boarding crate added

    New items have been added to crates



    re-balanced crafting costs for all items



    Added a rotating shop where cosmetics can be purchased for crowns



    Added voiced story challenges for player onboarding with rewards

    Added daily challenges with rewards (up to 3 at a time)

    Challenges can be seen in the encounter screen

    Daily challenges can be canceled

    Story challenges cannot be canceled 


    Improved tutorial

    Improved player onboarding with directive voice lines

    Added cutscenes


    The player can unlock achievements of various types

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  19. 66801225_2827889940560114_8298370217419997184_n.jpg?_nc_cat=110&_nc_oc=AQm7qCKaFBHEoGOJmMIl4QAZsIlwa8Hs-0ER-hDs3hWaxxi4UgOJ3PGNbMw9jD7POK8&_nc_ht=scontent.fprg2-1.fna&oh=3b1d4c98948b17e6f20129bbbfc39a94&oe=5DAD44A5

    ▶ What do you do on Vigor?

    I am analyst, I provide my colleagues with information on in-game statistics, take care of dashboards, answer tricky questions and so on.


    ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?

    I work with records of stuff happening in the game, stored in rather big spreadsheets. They contain many many numbers, 5 or 127 or 0,0012 to name a few - they are not too impressive when they are alone like that, so I use huge pitchfork called SQL to make few big informative numbers out of heaps of smaller ones. Such numbers can assist my colleagues with making decisions or just make our audience on social media chuckle about hundreds of people crushed by airdrop.


    ▶ What do you like about Vigor?

    I like the tempo of the game, it is not as frantic as many modern battle royale games and it rewards patience and wits. I like the tension, hiding in a bush and waiting for your chance. I also fancy the setting a lot.


    ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor?

    Hundreds of thousands of players enjoying the game.


    ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor?

    I like going to gigs, playing drums and table football, also chatting over a couple of beers in a pub.


    ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how?

    I am amazed at how many different professions and talents are contributing to making the company and a particular game tick.


    ▶ Your favorite games and why?

    I like numbers heavy games like Football Manager or Patrician series or Paradox grand strategies, spreadsheets are my thing generally. Too bad I usually can’t do much more table-staring when I come home from work.

    Hypnospace Outlaw, Life & Death: The Brain, Liberal Crime Squad, Octodad: Deadliest Catch because bizzare makes me happy.

    80 days, Stanley Parable, Kentucky Route Zero, I like to get immersed in a good story.


    ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?

    Most gigs I attend involve loud guitars, stuff in my headphones is mostly hip-hop.

    My favorite movie is called Wrong Cops. I am also a huge fan of Russian cinema.

    Bojack Horseman and Czech classic Hospoda are shows I am most fond of at the moment, mostly because of bits of comedy in otherwise dark personal stories.

    I don’t read much fiction lately, maybe after I finish Wikipedia.


    ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community?

    Play Vigor, provide feedback, generate data. Thank you, you are doing great so far.


    ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?

    I find it hard to imagine myself not perishing alongside humanity, as I am a very comfortable city dweller. If I could somehow survive and embark on a big long term project, I would probably try to utilize my naval knowledge from Patrician III, Sid Meier’s Pirates! and Silent Hunter III, build something seaworthy and ship me to some more hospitable climate.


    Bonus Question from Alucard

    ▶How would you measure fun in games?

    Tricky one. One would say that simply measuring time spent in or frequency of returning to a game is a good metric, but there might be periods of being stuck or grinding which are less funny. I think it is important to include some sort of qualitative research, meaning we should measure time and activity of the player, but it has to be complemented with actually asking the players how they liked it, in some structured way. Only once we have all this information, we can weight in all the factors, go through numbers and say with satisfactory confidence that given game is meh.

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