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  1. Pyrit.

    Xbox duos?

    Glad to hear you are already looking for team members once the duos come out :) For now we are trying to fight with the teaming issue by completely randomizing the match making ;)
  2. Pyrit.


    This is exactly what we are going for. :) You are right that the possibility to attack or visit one's shelter might be dope. But there are a few things that might be quite complicated, especially the issue Toonen1988 mentioned -> So yeah we are still thinking about all of the possibilities and your idea is great but it is true that it will be pretty hard to realize and for now, we really need to polish the game as it is before implementing new modes and stuff like that :)
  3. Pyrit.

    Vigor squads

    We are still thinking about all of the possibilities as when it comes to the team play. For now, we are mostly thinking just about duos which wouldn't require much larger maps or anything. And as Locklear mentioned : ;)
  4. That is absolutely right. the closed preview codes were only active during the closed preview. Now since the game entered Xbox Game Preview you either get the Trial Period - 2 hours of free gameplay (total) or you can gain unlimited access to the game during the whole preview up until the full release by purchasing our founders pack :) - It is available directly on the Xbox store for 19.99 :)
  5. Pyrit.


    Hello there, and Buloee is absolutely right - we are well aware of the teaming problem and up until now, it was a great source of valuable info for us - Since we are planning to implement some sort of team play into the game later on. But it is true that it is becoming more and more annoying for other players - so we are already working on improving this issue, and completely randomize the matchmaking :)
  6. Pyrit.

    Door and Step Sounds

    Hello there and thank you so much for the input. It is true that being able to hear and register other players is quite essential so we will make sure to look into this :)
  7. Pyrit.

    Shelter Tutorial

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial! It's so nice to see players helping out others♥
  8. Pyrit.

    All Weapons (so far)

    Wow cool - loving your videos about Vigor! :)
  9. Pyrit.


    Wow thank you for capturing this special moment
  10. Pyrit.


    We are absolutely loving your twitter stories! ♥
  11. Pyrit.

    Vigor Blog

    Cool idea! I will make sure to stop by every now and then! :)
  12. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.5.25128

    Thank you so much for this idea! Working on it right now!
  13. Pyrit.

    My own experience of Vigor

    Working on it ;)
  14. Pyrit.

    My own experience of Vigor

    - I use this strategy all the time
  15. Pyrit.

    My own experience of Vigor

    - Agreed. We are already working on this and made it our top priority ;) Still trying to implement more tips and tricks in the game :) for example last changelog: Added: Tips from onboarding added to the options menu
  16. Pyrit.

    Ideas for improvements

    Thank you so much for your input! Regarding your ideas, some of them are already being discussed or even worked on- Team Play - for now, we know that there's is an issue with unofficial teaming - but for us, it means that this improvised squad play can provide us with valuable info and data that can, later on, help us with implementing official team play. But there will definitely be some sort of co-op, for now, we are discussing duos Weapon Customization - it's coming Trading - We still have to think through all of the possibilities and perks of having a trading system within the game, but it is already being discussed :)
  17. Hello, ya'll! Many people keep asking so just to make sure - Vigor Closed Preview Officially Ended - What does that mean? You will be able to access Shelter You won't be able to enter into the encounters Encounters/Maps will be re-activated once the game hits Xbox Game Preview - Starting this Monday 30th of July To play Vigor during the Game Preview- you can either get 2 hours of Gameplay for free or become a "founder" and purchase our "Founders pack" granting you unlimited access to the game + a few exclusive items You will be able to purchase the Founders Pack on the Xbox Store right on Monday Hope this helped & looking forward to seeing you around in Vigor!
  18. Pyrit.

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    Hello everyone! Thank you for understanding, it was weekend any many preparations for the Game Preview had to be made - Anyways the time we are talking about is 5 PM CEST :) So you will have to wait only for a couple more hours :)
  19. Pyrit.

    A few things I'd like to see...

    Wow, thank you so much for all the Input! Regarding the bugs, yeah we already know about the majority of them and our team is working really hard on getting rid of those issues. Most of them should be fixed in one of our next updates :) Already working on this! Sounds interesting enough. Will make sure to mention this. But the thing is that first of all we really have to work everything out and make the game as polished and smooth as possible for the full release. So we are definitely already thinking about all the different modes we might actually add, but it will definitely take time They are coming Still work in progress. We are of curse still considering all possibilities and trying to come up with the best solution how to make it the most enjoyable even for people with fully progressed shelter, but you have some really cool ideas right here.
  20. Hello there and thank you so much for your input! I completely understand that as a casual player you do not really enjoy this part of the gameplay, and believe me, we are thinking about all of the possibilities to make it more enjoyable. Just keep in mind that so far the game was open only for small amount of players. With most of them being very excited or already Bohemia Interactive fans (we really love to make things hardcore) So once the player base expands and more casual players join in your experience will once again be very different.. We are still coming up with new ideas and one of those was to include a system that will matchmake only certain types of players - according to how You play the game - To match the hardcore killers together, the looters together and stuff like that. So def let me know how you would feel about that.
  21. Pyrit.

    Controller Settings Explainations

    Yeah, I wouldn't mess with the advanced setting either, there have been a few users that I have to provide with screenshots of default setting because they were playing around with it too much and had no idea how to put it back to normal. Change of the sensitivity should be enough as we are still trying to improve the shooting anyway :)
  22. Pyrit.

    Excitement thread

    Oh, great input! it is true there is no Founders Edition when it comes to the closed preview - we just really wanted to test our servers and see if everything is working properly, but there is, in fact, going to be Founders Pack Edition when the game comes to the Xbox Game preview. So stay tuned!
  23. Pyrit.

    Signing up

    Hello there, I sure hope you got your key! If not, do not worry, you still have a chance to try Vigor out. Starting today the gates of Vigor are officially opened to all members of the Xbox Insider program. :) just make sure to sign up for the Xbox insider and you will be able to download it right away! :)
  24. Pyrit.

    Signing up

    Hope this helped