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  1. Attention, Outlanders! There have been some issues we would like to now address and reassure you that we are working hard on fixing them as soon as possible: But first of all thank you for letting us know about those issues, thanks to you we are able to quickly react and start working on the fixes as soon as they start to occur. Here we go: 1. "Black Screen issue" There has been a problem that occurs when one is trying to enter the encounter. Or in other words - the infamous "Black Screen" issue. You enter a match but instead of going directly into the encounter you get stuck on a black screen with "Waiting for players" notification. We would like to let you know that we know about this issue and we are currently working on it and will try to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you so much for being so patient with us! Will let you know if anything changes. 2. Server Disconnection There has been pretty frequent server disconnection issue which we are terribly sorry for. We know that this problem occurs and we made the fix our top priority. So we are currently working on a fix to put out as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us. #vigorteam
  2. ⚠️ Important information for all Outlanders. ⚠️ Some of you may already know this (from our last Dev Stream?) but it never hurts to state a very important thing twice. ⚫There is, in fact, going to be a Complete Wipe accompanying the 0.6 Update. But this downfall comes with a reward ? in a form of the improved Crafting system?️, Expanded Shelter Builder ?️ and much more that is going to come as a part of the update. We understand that you might have many questions so definitely do not hesitate to ask ?⬇️ And please feel free to watch the VOD of the stream for a closer look at all of the improvements that are to come in the 0.6: Dev Stream 08- Dev Stream 09 - See you in Vigor!
  3. Pyrit.

    0. Update - LIVE NOW!

    The time is now! Version 0.6: Ally is officially here. Hurry up, check it out and let us know what do you think! Do not forget to visit our Dev Stream today at 6 PM for any additional information #WhatIfHumanityFalls
  4. Outlanders! 'tis time to break the internet! Update 0.6 is Officially Coming out This Wednesday! So Rally your Ally, because, on October 24th, We are releasing Version 0.6: Ally. With brand new Weapons, Crafting System, Shelter Builder, Weather changes☔ and DUOS!!!!
  5. Hello Outlanders! As always - now is your time to ask questions before our next Livestream - Happening this Wednesday 24th of October - at usual o'clock (6 PM CEST (UTC +02:00) So we can prioritize your questions and make sure to address them in the stream :)
  6. Pyrit.

    Maximum waiting time

    Hello there, and yes, you are completely right over an hour definitely is too much! This issue definitely should not occur. The only thing that comes to my mind is that if this problem wasn't caused by the map rotation. When one map changes to a different one soon you can see it by the <1min symbol on the map. Sometimes you have to restart the game in order for the new map to load properly. If the issue still occurs please contact us again (maybe along with your gamer tag) so we can look into this issue directly :)
  7. Pyrit.

    Duos / Coop?

    Yes, we are indeed working very hard to deliver duos as soon as possible.
  8. Pyrit.


    Nice! I will have to try it the next time I will be waiting for the match!
  9. Pyrit.

    Vigor Community Deutschland

    Cool! Glad to hear all of the Vigor communities growing! :)
  10. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.5.28952

    Mini update before the major 0.6 Update is here! Fixed: Improved game stability
  11. Hello Outlanders! Another week, another Dev Stream incoming. So once again we are giving you the wonderful opportunity to ask questions Before the Live stream so we can make sure to address them and prioritize them once we are live! :)
  12. Hello everyone! Friendly reminder that there will be another Dev Stream happening tomorrow (September 26) on our official streaming channels at usuall o'clock (meaning 6 PM CEST (UTC +02:00) Mixer: https://mixer.com/vigorgame Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vigorthegame But I have a special favor to ask - Should you have any questions about Vigor in general or about the upcoming update - make sure to share them with me right here, right now So I can make sure to address them in the live stream. Sometimes it's really hard to spot all of the questions in the chat and this way it will be much easier to answer the majority of your questions. - Also, make sure to vote (like) for your favorite questions so we can prioritize them.
  13. Pyrit.

    Is this game available for PC?

    Hello there and thank you for asking. But Vigor is Xbox Exclusive title - meaning that it can NOT be played on PC. :)
  14. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.5.27963

    Server maintenance is coming! please keep in mind that the servers are going to be down for a little while around 12 PM CEST and the update will bring the following: Added: Doors now have proper audio cues – they squeak while opening and closing Fixed: Saving of user settings should now be more consistent Changed: Number of regions for matchmaking was optimized to allow faster matchmaking times
  15. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.5.25128

    Changelog 0.5.25128 Added: Tips from onboarding added to the options menu Added: "Reset To Default" to Options screens Changed: Matchmaking status now displays elapsed time instead of player count Fixed: Accuracy in the result screen should no longer be higher than 100 %. Shotguns were scoring more hits than shots, resulting in above 100 % accuracy Fixed: It was not possible to loot dead players in some cases due to wooden crate physics Fixed: a Broken visual style of "Advanced Controls" button
  16. Great news Outlanders ❗️ According to all of your feedback, you would be more than happy if we could switch the available maps more often - Which is exactly what we are about to do! One map being changed tomorrow with the regular switch now happening every three days!
  17. Pyrit.

    Minor bugs

    Exactly, please be patient with us as we still have quite a long way to go before the full release :)
  18. Pyrit.

    Friends joining lobby

    We are already working on fixing this issue. It won't be exactly "punishment" BUT we will try to randomize the matchmaking as much as possible to completely eliminate this problem.
  19. Pyrit.

    This game must be for PC (in future)

    We understand that for some of our fans this fact might be upsetting. But Vigor is Xbox Exclusive title as we really wanted to create the best gaming experience possible on one platform :)
  20. Pyrit.

    Deconstructing Loot

    Exactly, beautifully explained :)
  21. Pyrit.

    Just had my first Vigor experience

    Thank you for letting us know, we will make sure to look into it.
  22. Pyrit.

    Streamers Channel Index

    Lovely to see all of the talented streamers connecting here! :) I wouldn't be so sure about this - for example, I am mostly console gamer so controller feels much smoother for me :D :D
  23. Pyrit.

    Ammo removing

    Thank you for letting us know. We will make sure to look into this :)
  24. Pyrit.

    Deconstrucing for blue prints

    We got quite a few messages addressing the same thing so we will make sure to definitely look into it :)
  25. Pyrit.

    Friends joining lobby

    That is true indeed, but I think that visiting one's shelter and team play are two different things. When we talk about team play we mostly talk about the encounters, but when it comes to visiting shelters it's more complicated. There are many things that need to be discussed as if there will be some sort of activity you both can do at one's shelter. If it will be possible to attack other people's shelters or if it's going to be purely peaceful and so on and so on. But we are glad you guys are also thinking about this and are still providing us with fresh ideas each and every day :)