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    Something to do in the Cove

    Hello there and thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us! For now, I can't obviously promise anything as our main focus is right now to polish and complete the game as it is. But we will make sure to discuss those possibilities with the team :) Will update you on this issue ;) Hope this helped.
  2. Pyrit.


    Hello there and thank you so much for your input. Yes indeed the PVE was mentioned in our community quite a few times. There are no exact plans yet as for now we want to really focus on polishing the game as it is and only the start adding new things to the gameplay. Hope this helped.
  3. Pyrit.

    Update 0.7 Patch Notes

    Added: Barred Houses Event Added: Sounds for Barred houses Added: Teammates markers in Duos Added: Player Bounty Added: Two wooden crates in Duos Added: Shooting range scarecrow Added: Puzzle Cube Added: Button "Empty backpack to stash" functionality Added: Woman archetype Added: 5 Female uniforms Added: The rarity of items notification Changed: Interaction dot on every interactive item in the shelter area Changed: Profile picture from Xbox shown for player and teammate in team menu Changed: Matchmaking Improvements Fixed: Crashes Tweaked: Loot Distribution Tweaked: Weapons sounds Tweaked: Character movement on ladders Tweaked: Server performance optimization Tweaked: Character movement Tweaked: Improved Camera position and movement Tweaked: Fall damage
  4. Outlanders! Update 0.7: Breach is officially here, live and running Bringing fresh an exciting content like: New game events: Barred Houses, Threat Female character Duos Airdrop New Sounds Outlander Gadgets: Scarecrows, Puzzle Cube
  5. ⚠️Attention Outlanders!⚠️ At 10 AM (CET) The Servers are going down! We need to prepare everything for the smooth arrival of the new Update 0.7: Breach. We will let you know once everything's live and ready for you along with all the new info ? #vigorteam
  6. Hello everyone! Just to make sure - has any of you experienced the black screen issue since our last update? - Black Screen at the beginning of the encounter - gets you stuck at the waiting for players note (Last update happened at November 7th - you can read the patch notes right here: We believe that this issue was already taken care of. But want to be 100% sure.
  7. Morning Outlanders and I'm terribly sorry for all the last minute info today. So first things first - We had a surprise prepared for you as we were changing the map rotation, but due to an issue on our end - as the map rotation has to be done manually - there were sadly no maps available for a short period of time. We a sorry for all the troubles this might have caused. - But this downfall comes with a price. We changed our map rotation! So now there will be only one map available at a time and the rotation will happen after 24 hours! That's right much faster map rotation just went live! So please do not hesitate and Let us know what do you think ⬇️
  8. Pyrit.

    Losing ammo

    Hello there and thank you so much for letting us know. I immediately discussed this with the team and we will try to fix this as a high priority issue as soon as possible. :)
  9. Pyrit.

    No .30 carbine ammo

    Hello there and thank you so much for letting us know. Yes, there was indeed a problem with this type of ammo not being available as loot. We know about this and it will be re-added to the maps in the next update. :) Hope this helped. :)
  10. Hei Outlanders. As always there will be a live stream happening this Wednesday (December 5) at 6 PM CET So please ask any questions you might have right now under this post, so we can make sure to prioritize them and address them once we're live. You can catch us on Wednesday at 6 PM (UTC+01:00) on our streaming channels https://mixer.com/vigorgame https://www.twitch.tv/vigorthegame Se you all there!
  11. Pyrit.

    Trapped by a bed frame

    Hello there and thank you so much for letting us know! In fact, if an issue like this happens ever again, the best would be if you could take a screenshot next time. Just open the map and take a screenshot so we know where exactly this happened so we can start fixing it immediately. Thank you so much. :)
  12. Friendly reminder that there will be another DevStream Happening on Wednesday at usual o'clock. ? ➡️ And as always - make sure to ask your questions before the Livestream so we can make sure to address them once we're live ?
  13. Pyrit.

    Reporting cheating duos and trios

    Hello there kinggunter, and thank you so much for letting us know that this issue frustrates you. However, we need to discuss one thing first - The problem is that as the game is still in the game preview there can be certain times during the day when the player count is pretty low. We obviously try to prioritize separate duo and single servers. But in the least busy hours, we sometimes have so let the encounters be for both - duos and singles so we can avoid extremely long waiting times :) Hope this helped.
  14. Hello there, this is actually a known issue when it comes to al shotguns. We know about it and the hotfix is coming your way :)
  15. Pyrit.

    Gun issues

    Hello there and thank you for letting us know. This issue actually occurs when it comes to all of the shotguns. You can only fire once and then you have to reload or sometimes jump. We know about this issue and we are working on it. The hotfix is coming your way. :) Mostly when players have problems with shooting it¨s caused by a known issue we are already working on - basically - It is possible you are experiencing some connection issues - I saw a few other people having those - basically, there is a huge lag between you firing and the actual hits to happen. We are working on these and they will be fixed in the next patch. :)
  16. Pyrit.


    Hello there and a nice question indeed. No, as all of the knives we are using in the game are physically very similar IRL we also went for not differing them in other ways. Hope this helped
  17. Pyrit.

    Silver pigeon glitch

    Thank you so much for letting us know. Yes, currently all shotguns, not only silver pigeon, are little broken. It is a known issue and we are working on this.
  18. Pyrit.

    Lookig for Duos?

    Looking for a partner in crime? Do not want to roam post-war Norway alone? Do not forget to Join our discord with a special room just for Outlanders searching for duos! ➡️ https://discord.gg/8Fa9SxA Let's do this as a team!
  19. Pyrit.


    The looting was re-worked in the last update, so that may be the reason. The rarity of items has been re-worked as well as places where you can find them. So that's why you find it harder than before :)
  20. Pyrit.

    Game start up

    Hello there, If it's not causing any problems while entering the encounter it's actually normal so no worries :)
  21. Hello there and thank you so much for letting us know. Grontheim is a very specific map to begin with as it is pretty long run from one end to the other, located around the river in the middle of the mountains. You may have noticed that that the player spawn places are usually located either on north or south of the map, so the airdrop location is not only the most obvious and efficient - As they would probably try to drop it somewhere where it can land pretty easily - so middle of the valley makes perfect sense. - But it's also fair. So no player has the advantage while others have to run across the whole valley. I think that what keeps the airdrop location from being too repetitive is the fact that there is the river right in the middle so most of the time you have to think if it's really worth to try to cross it by foot, or find some kind of bridge to not to put yoursleft in a disadvantage of being slowed down in the water. For us, this is actually something that makes Grontheim stand out from the rest of the maps :) Hope this helped.
  22. Outlanders ! - Friendly reminder that there will be a Dev Stream today With Pyrit and Locklear. You can catch us live on our official streaming channels at 6 PM (CET) ➡️ https://mixer.com/vigorgame ➡️ https://www.twitch.tv/vigorthegame If you have any questions, you can as always ask before the Livestream so we can prioritize them and make sure to address them once we're live :) ➡️
  23. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.6.30146

    New changelog incoming Outlanders! Added: ActionMachine - Action validity - Fire action Added: Optimization of Footstep component and all sounds Added: Button to equip screen for emptying backpack Added: Empty variant of dead body container Added: New sounds for movements in the deep water Added: Overlay and warning Message Box in case of unreachable Vigor servers when opening the wood box Changed: Working with Roman numerals in all shelter related UIs Changed: Different shoulder offsets in the crouch Changed: Made camera forward offset more direct Changed: Additional height for a stance change check, there are two cases the character can get stuck. Changed: a Non-hold version of icon added for instant interactions Changed: Enable joining to other player groups via Friends list Changed: Interaction dot performance optimized Fixed: Loot of dead player properly change mesh and disable interaction if empty Fixed: Shelter Status analytics event being sent before player's stash is loaded from the cloud Fixed: Removed redundant audio content from the sample Fixed: a Weird position of onboarding messages Fixed: Cases where the camera can clip in water Fixed: Improper FOV initialization Fixed: Character toggle prone/crouch not being triggered sometimes. This makes the character drown in some cases Fixed: Knife cooldown timer is consistent between regular and melee attack Fixed: Attacking without a weapon would cause the character to stop sprinting Fixed: Vaulting, climbing, or having a weapon make sure the player is not in ADS Fixed: ADS weapon transitions Fixed: Some actions possible in first person view Fixed: Knife "combat stance" triggered by LT Fixed: Possibility to submerge your character Fixed: Game crashed when loading shelter after Encounter Fixed: The box doesn't remain opened anymore if the player was killed during the looting. Fixed: Water splash and foam not visible in MP Fixed: Door makes a sound at map load Fixed: Jump/Land animations sounds not working Fixed: Run to Sprint blend omits one footstep sound Fixed: Prone to sprint animation played slow and freezes Fixed: Server crashes Fixed: World Map Onboarding Exclamation Mark Fixed: Melee weapons - wrong physical material when you stab someone because invisibility channel you're hitting his clothes Fixed: Onboarding messages being shown in unintended UI's or outside of the shelter builder Fixed: Wood Box Opening Sound Effect Fixed: Footprints appear even in Encounters Fixed: Typos corrected and also the rarity of some items fixed Fixed: Airdrop parachute sometimes did not collapse Fixed: "Black Screen" issue should be gone now Updated: Missing notify keys in transition animations Updated: Jump voice grunt to be playing only sometimes, not on every land Updated: Sound notify keys in healing consumables animations Tweaked: Camera - Prone behavior Tweaked: Footstep component optimization and fixes Tweaked: Movement sounds optimization Tweaked: Resources mins and maxes in containers adjusted to increase the number of spawned loot nodes containing more common resources
  24. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.6.30000

    Morning Outlanders, just a quick reminder that a new update went live tonight, fixing and changing many things to make your life easier in the 0.6 Update ;) Added: Teammate's custom marker in Duos Added: Healing sound for antibiotics Changed: Black Screen UI creation to possibly prevent the start of the Encounter issues Fixed: Antibiotics worked after player's death in UI Fixed: Teammate and his marker do not disappear after their death Fixed: UI could be stuck after while displaying multiple tooltips Fixed: Multiple potential crashes Fixed: Swapped open/close character animations when opening/closing doors Fixed: Character is not emitting breath particles after death any more Fixed: Sounds of animations on slopes were multiplicated Fixed: Knife hitting body sound Tweaked: Ladder interaction volume extended on top to make it easier to climb down Updated: Many animations produce their footstep sound at better times
  25. Pyrit.

    Changed Map Rotation

    Morning Outlanders! - Just wanted to let you know that we changed the map rotation a little bit. Due to pretty long waiting times - There are going to be normal two maps most of the time but if the numbers drop in the least frequented hours there will be only one map available at a time. Hope this will help.