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    Common Issues Today - For Devs

    Hello there, let's jump directly to your feedback: 1. Thank you for letting us know, this is a known issue and we are currently looking into this. Should be fixed asap. 2 + 3 - We will make sure to look into these. I have forwarded it to the team but don't know if it's known and consistent issue or not. 4.- The Bushes should have been fixed in our last smaller update but I will make sure to check with the team if some issues still do remain 5. - We are currently working on some tweaks. As always thank you so much for all of this valuable feedback!
  2. Pyrit.

    Creates costing me materials

    Thank you guys for posting this video, I forwarded it to the team and we will look into it asap.
  3. Pyrit.

    My opinion and issues of Vigor

    Hello there and thank you so much for your feedback. Regarding your questions - The Founders Pack Items do not come in a bulk that is correct. By that we mean that you will get them gradually throughout the whole game preview - For now you already have your Crowns, Your Vigor hat (You can find it by changing your outfit - which you do while interacting with the wardrobe in the top floor of your shelter) and you also have your exclusive Dusting Hands gesture. The Vigor Shirt is currently a work in progress so you will get it before the game preview ends for sure. If the disconnection was really caused on our side and you were disconnected from our back-end servers. You should be able to get both the loot and loadout back once you start the game again. - They will automatically appear back in your shelter. If this is not the case we will make sure to look into it. We are also working hard on fixing the gunplay so stay tuned for that. Markers above teammates are something we would love to add to the game. There is even a little work in progress screenshot in one of our latest dev news: https://vigorgame.com/news/community-feedback-free-weekend We are also working on a new map - you can find a little sneak peek at the same page listed above 😉 Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂
  4. Pyrit.


    Absolutely. That would create an unfair environment which we obviously do not want to support. We will discuss all of the possibilities.
  5. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    @smartz33 First, thank you so much for your support! Glad to hear you are enjoying Vigor so far. And to your question - We are actually currently working on markers above teammates. there is even some work in progress to check out on our official site: (https://vigorgame.com/news/community-feedback-free-weekend) Thank you so mcuh for your feedback! See you in Vigor.
  6. Pyrit.

    The good, the bad, the Vigor.

    Thank you for your detailed feedback! Glad you are enjoying Vigor so far. I will make sure to forward your feedback on weapons and friendly fire to the team for further discussion. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Now when it comes tot he mini-map situation - we do not plan to add mini maps for a single reason - to keep the UI as clean as possible, but we are working on markers above teammates so this should help. Thank you so much!
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    Thank you for your ideas guys, I will make sure to share them with the team.
  8. Pyrit.

    founders pack and game wipe on release

    Exactly as you said- All Crowns you have spent and purchased will be returned to you after the full release of the game. Thanks to that, we highly encourage you to try them out now - this way you will be able to test which boosters work the best for you as well as it will give us valuable feedback we need. To learn more about wipe of progression check our FAQ: https://vigorgame.com/faq To learn more about crowns and boosters check this handy article:
  9. Pyrit.

    Get to Know - Filip Vymyslický - QA Tester

    Yes, there will be a wipe of progression - there is an article about everything you wanted to know about the wipe coming your way and will be released in the next few weeks. As when it comes to crowns : All of your crowns that you have spent and purchased will be returned to you after the full release of the game! Thanks to that we highly encourage you to try them out now - this way you will be able to test which boosters are the most helpful for you as well as it will give us valuable feedback we need to improve and polish this system as much as we can. 
  10. Pyrit.


    Please keep in mind that while I do try to respond as soon as possible we have multiple social media platforms to gather feedback from and it is impossible for me to respond right away. Depends on which end does the server crash happened. If it is caused on our end - you were disconnected from our back-end servers. You should be able to get both the loot and loadout back once you start the game again. If the server crash was caused on the client side sadly there is no way for us to find out if this was done on purpose or if it was caused for example by internet connection - then we are unable to return your loot and crowns to your stash. But if you lost your crowns but got everything else back - this definitely shouldn't happen. But we never encountered this issue our selves, either way, I will make sure to redirect this to our QA team so we can replicate this problem and look into this. But please keep in mind that with the full release of the game all the crowns you have spent so far will be returned to you anyway. Hope this helped.
  11. Thank you guys for letting us know - This problem has been fixed yesterday evening - All of your crowns should be back. A permanent fix is yet to be added but we are working on it.
  12. Pyrit.

    What this game can be.

    This is a very subjective thing as different people enjoy different games with different features. But frankly, - Vigor is just Vigor. It is a standalone game with its own vision and goals. Thank you guys for your feedback. I will make sure to share it with the team.
  13. Pyrit.

    Several Observations (New Player)

    Thank you for your kind words and for your feedback. Glad you are enjoying Vigor so far. I will make sure to forward your feedback to the team. Many of the things you mentioned are currently work in progress. We especially want to focus on polishing the gunplay as much as possible. Other than that: Was already tweaked in one of our minor updates but def will forward this as it absolutely can be even better. WIP Will forward this to our QA so we can recreate this scenario and look into this. Thank you so much!
  14. Pyrit.

    Not ready for release

    Exactly because of issues you mentioned we, later on, decided to postpone the initial release to summer this year. Learn more: https://vigorgame.com/news/road-to-full-release
  15. Pyrit.

    The Inevitable Character Wipe

    Thank you @The Lerch for your detailed and well thought through feedback. I understand your concerns and you understand that the wipe is unavoidable which is an excellent starting point for a discussion. Indeed we decided to postpone the release date to deliver finished and polished product which means that sadly(or luckily? Who knows) it also postponed the date of the wipe of progression. Now to begin with - compensation for the wipe has not only been discussed but it was decided that we definitely want to give something to our players in return. The size of the compensation will be then obviously based on the Shelter level you are currently at. The wipe will be clearly communicated long before its initial date (2weeks - month) because First- We have to remind the people that were somehow able to completely block-out this information that there even will be a wipe - and secondly - we also want to let our players know in advance so they can start experimenting and go crazy with their weapon stash. There are many reasons why we cannot possibly communicate some things too early. there are many articles regarding the wipe itself coming your way (Will be released probably in the next two weeks) so this is pretty much all I can say for now. Hope this helped.
  16. Pyrit.

    weapon blueprints

    Yes, it is the only way indeed. In the previous versions of the game, it was possible to deconstruct weapons to get a blueprint but we changed this system so now they can be only found in the airdrop.
  17. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Vigor is Xbox exclusive title so there are no plans fa or PC release.
  18. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    The system you mentioned was already present but we improved it and we also added a new way how to distinguish particular servers and we can prioritize more powerful bare metal machines to virtual servers in the cloud. It should still help, indeed :)
  19. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Keyboard and mouse support is something we do plan to add to the game but only after the full release. As the game is still in game preview aka being developed - our main focus is currently on finishing and polishing the game, only after the 1.0 we can start to add things like keyboard and mouse support. Hope this helped.
  20. Pyrit.

    Impenetrable bushes

    This issue was solved in our last update (today at 10AM) https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222693-changelog-0837667/
  21. Pyrit.

    Free Trial

    Our Free Trial is working as it should. just now checked and people joined even in the last few minutes. They have to check again. Guess they have obsolete info from the time it wasn't working..
  22. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.36948

    Added: Aiming blendspace Changed: Description of crafting table levels and Utility room Changed: Parameters of loot objects Changed: Loot nodes parameters. In cars, loot containers and Barred house vault. Changed: Weapons only glint in ADS Changed: Lowered stamina exhaustion threshold Changed: Deceleration for running uphill Changed: Using custom movement modes Changed: Hand IK performance Changed: Players in the lobby are positioned differently Fixed: Minor skinning issues Fixed: Stack size not properly used for resources Fixed: Stack size for parts Fixed: Not able to build improvements simultaneously Fixed: Crash when leaving a group or leaving the match. Fixed: Gesture desync when going into prone Fixed: Stance change networking improvements Fixed: Vaulting update Fixed: Performance improvements Fixed: Character role for animations Fixed: Locomotion rates are more stable Fixed: Weapon montage not being assigned Fixed: Inverse weapon bone rotation for female Tweaked: Skinning on all uniforms to have better arms
  23. Pyrit.

    First impressions 0.8

    Thank you for your feedback. However, the store was not working only for the first day, while I understand your concerns about the lobby - it is only a matter of time - there are many new additions but it is not hard to use so I am sure you will get used to it. I will forward your feedback on the character movement to the team we will see what we can do.
  24. Pyrit.

    Love This game

    Thanks to both of you for your feedback - we are currently trying to gather as much feedback as possible on the latest update. I will make sure to forward it to the team and discuss your opinions.
  25. Pyrit.

    I love this game

    Thank you so much for the warning! Glad to hear you are enjoying Vigor so much! I will make sure to share your feedback with the team 😉