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  1. 8 hours ago, Danowan said:

    This is by far the most frustrating thing for me. I've resorted to just exploring the game with Luger only, and minimal bullets. Just finding resources, and seeing if I can get easy kills via "sloppy seconds." The shooting mechanics need serious work. There's no substantial feedback on when I actually hit another player.

    There isn't supposed to be much feedback. But yeah. 

    The gunplay needs work. 

  2. Great list. 

    You mentioned all the major ones. 

    I'll add some I've experienced:


    - There seems to be a stance bug where you crouch but it doesn't register so your character bugs out. I fixed this by jumping repeatedly but when it happens during a gunfight it's no fun. 

    - Sometimes you reload your weapon and the animation plays out but the weapon doesn't reload. 

    - Healing doesn't seem to work when prone. Only when crouched or standing. 

    - Sometimes it doesn't let you take the ammo out of your inventory and put it in storage. 

  3. 6 hours ago, R0adki11 said:


    I actually wasn't denying it, what i meant was not everyone is a cheater which is what you suggested. Which is why i said if you join a community which has their own server etc then cheaters wouldn't be found there. Or if they are they would soon be kicked out of the community.



    I couldnt comment on those games, as ive never played them. I much prefer playing Arma, like I have since OFP.



    Not sure what your trying to say here, but perhaps you may want to have a closer look at our forum rules.


    However we are now heading in to off topic territory, so perhaps lets return to the topic in hand which is Vigor.

    I didn't suggest everyone is a cheater. I said that PC games are riddled with cheaters. Which is true. 

    Reading comprehension please. 

    And since I presume you don't own an Xbox I'm not sure what you're doing here. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, R0adki11 said:


    PC games are not riddled with cheaters, find a good community and stick with them to avoid such issues. :thumbsup:


    A PC version would certainly be nice, however is unlikely as we already have DayZ and Arma3 which is already more customisable than most games.

    Everyone knows competitive PC games are full of cheaters. There's no point in being in denial just because you're a PC gamer. 

    Take PUBG and Fortnite for example. 

    Are you really gonna tell me they aren't full of cheaters? 

    The developers themseves have stated they are and have spent millions of dollars trying to prevent it. 

    This just doesn't happen on consoles. 

    But whatever makes you sleep at night... 

  5. 5 hours ago, GimbleFIN_ said:


    That might be totally possible that I'm missing something, while so far my experience is only from Xbox One X. Is it the frame rate or what we are talking about here?


    I don't think there is any extra clunky feeling onto it at the moment with Xbox One X, considering it's a version 0.5something. I think it somewhat match for example PUBG and definitely better than the level where PUBG was on it's Preview release on Xbox One.

    Remember how the aiming was when PUBG launched for Xbox? 

    That's pretty much how it is here, but with even worse hit detection, just like the guy below you said. 

    There's a reason people come out of a gunfight alive using only a knife. 

    The gunplay is broken. 

    But that's what alphas/betas are for. 

    So the developers can make the game better. =) 

  6. 1 hour ago, GimbleFIN_ said:

    The gun behavior is awesome! It is one of the things that get my special attention on this Beta. In a good way!


    For ONCE guns actually behave in a video game somewhat like they should = somewhat like a real thing@shooting range. And this comes from a person that have shot a real Suomi KP/-31 and I loved it. It was only somewhat accurate in short burst. Also the pistols "fell right" Most of the people in real live can't hit a human size target 15 m away without practice and game simulates that well. Even the target was still not to mention how difficult it is to hit a moving target. There aren't may games doing this "right" Especially not on the console: Red Orchestra on a PC good example and I loved it!


    Also people who have played COD but never fired a real gun have to understand that of course all weapons and especially pistol has it's own dispersion where bullets are being dropped even it was tied in a bench vice. An old gun with short barrel like Luger has a huge dispersion very difficult to hot anything further away. Really love it how guns are implemented looks very promising and hope it won't be dumbed down too much!

    What you seem be missing is that fact that the difficulty in using guns comes from the clunky aiming and shooting controls. Not because the developers meant it to be hard/realistic.

    There's a difference. 

  7. Sounds cool. 

    At least it adds something else to do. 

    Wildlife in the encounters would also be cool. You might hear some noise, turn around and it's a deer! And if you try to kill wildlife to skin and get resources, the gunshots might attract other players. 

    I hope the do put it in the game. 

  8. 7 hours ago, aka peeves said:

    Please provide some sort of explanation for the controller settings.  Thank you for providing so many settings; however, without some sort of understanding it is difficult to figure out what to change.

    I recomend not messing with the advanced settings and just changing the sensitivity to suit your needs.

    I'm not sure if the game has aim acceleration but if it does I would like an option to turn it off. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Shaunski said:

    I’ve literally stood at 3 feet away, got the drop on a guy, fired 1/2 a clip and ended up loosing the gun fight. How does the scenario make sense? It doesn’t. It would be nice to hear foot steps too. For now we have ninja outlanders I guess.

    Happens all the time. That's why I usually just run away lol. 

    The footsteps are there but in the snow map they're easier to hear because in the other map it's always raining. 

  10. On 7/11/2018 at 3:32 PM, HazJ said:

    Who cares about Xbox / consoles??? It is a shame this is Xbox exclusive.

    Lots of people actually. 

    PC games are riddled with cheaters. 

    We like to play on a level playing field with no hackers thank you very much. :f:

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  11. Sometimes my character glitches out when I crouch/stand up too fast which won't even allow me to shoot my gun. 

    It seems like the stance is server side so every time I crouch it takes a moment for it to register not allowing me to aim at all.

    Died many times because of this. 

    The hit registration also seems to be way off. 

    Not sure if it's because my ping is high (I live in Brazil) or if it's just because it needs fixing but yeah... 

    My current strategy is to just run as it seems like nobody can hit anything. 

  12. I've been avoiding gunfights lately. 

    They bug out too much.

    Sometimes my gun won't even fire. 

    I'm just looting/getting the drop and running to an exit. 

    Nobody seems to be able to kill me when I'm running because of the clunky aiming lol