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  1. Info: Full name: Utopia Private Military contractors. Server location: The Netherlands Language: English Timezone: CEST+2 Realism: Tactical-realism server uptime: 24/7 IP&port: Who are we: Utopia PMC is a multinational tactical realism community. The server is located in The Netherlands, but our default language is English. We treat everyone as a friend, and are patient with new player, because everyone has to start somewhere. Our goal is to create a community in which everyone's opinion counts and that's also the way decisions are made. At the moment we are a small group but we seek to expand. How do we play: We play co-operative game modes, and the default game-mode is liberation (altis). During missions we tend to be quite serious, but we do make jokes in the meanwhile. What do we require from you: Most important: Respectful and friendly behavior to everyone. and we can really appreciate a proper working microphone We require no specific courses, playtime, age or any kind of donation. Mods: We like to keep the server as accessible as possible, so for now no mods are required to play. we do however allow enhanced movement and advanced visuals, and run a few server side mods (for example: A3 wounding system) If the community will be come large enough we will probably will install mods like ACE. When do we play: We are mostly active on friday, saterday and sunday (timezone: CEST+2). For now most game sessions are started from our discord. Contact for further information we advice you to join our Discord.
  2. Squad name: Utopia Private Military contractors (UPMC) Timezone/location: CEST +2 Gamemode preference: Coop, mostly Liberation Contact email: upmc@gmail.com Website address: https://discordapp.com/invite/wGQTx2s Short description: A Friendly multinational tactical realism community in which everyone's opinion counts. Language: English