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  1. 4 hours ago, Brochacho2 said:

    I think the dropping of all loot upon death is a great example of how this game builds the tension up.

    Do I bring the AK that I just found on my next match, or do I deconstruct it? Is it worth more to me to defend myself, or is it better to make another one in the future?

    Losing all loot on death makes me approach matches differently, depending on my needs.

    Join a match with only a knife, then go for the crate. If you die, then not much is lost. But if you get it, and run to an exit like a rabbit, it is a good feeling!


    I think since you can craft weapons with only mats once you have a blue print the best thing to do with a new weapon is to keep breaking it down for parts until you have the blue print since you get mats even if you die (my subjective opinion).


    I like the idea of going in w / just a knife to go for the crate, if I ever get my shelter to a good stopping point I'll try that.



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  2. 7 hours ago, Jessie J said:


    I agree completely, understandably that casual players would like to play the game and enjoy something "new". (if you will) The game is aimed around hardcore survival. Being able to implement something that is fair for hardcore and casual players is not easy, (I am not a game developer, just off knowledge) splitting the game up into different player types is nice and all until the hardcore players "invade" the casual players games, vise versa. As the game is in Early Access, all Vigor has is time to polish up the game into the wonderful masterpiece it has potential to be!


    I see your point - I think if TrueSkill is implemented when full game is released that will help keep n00bs from getting seal clubbed by the MLG types. :rthumb:

  3. 9 hours ago, Locklear said:

    Your calculations about getting away with something are actually somewhat close to what we count with on average. :) And I can elaborate a bit on a few things. Losing all items upon death is a feature we want to keep. There may be some means to offset this to some degree in the future. There will, however, be some changes to how much materials are given to you when you die in a match, and the material cap is very likely to be removed. Also please note the game preview contains just the core loop; we plan various features that can help players acquire stuff aside from a match. Success in encounters is an essential and best way to progress in the game, but it will not be the only one, and dying in encounters reasonably often shall not hinder your ability to join a new one with a decent loadout, should you wish to take it.


    I'd definitely be happy with the material cap going away. Before I crafted some more weapons I was at 6000, went into a match and died, and was told I'd get 915 material - but the counter didn't go above 6000and I was sad face :sad_o:

  4. 1 hour ago, Pyrit. said:

    Hello there and thank you so much for your input!

    I completely understand that as a casual player you do not really enjoy this part of the gameplay, and believe me, we are thinking about all of the possibilities to make it more enjoyable.
    Just keep in mind that so far the game was open only for small amount of players. With most of them being very excited or already Bohemia Interactive fans (we really love to make things hardcore) So once the player base expands and more casual players join in your experience will once again be very different.. 
    We are still coming up with new ideas and one of those was to include a system that will matchmake only certain types of players - according to how You play the game - To match the hardcore killers together, the looters together and stuff like that. So def let me know how you would feel about that. :smile_o:


    Using TrueSkill / TrueSkill 2     https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/publication/trueskill-2-improved-bayesian-skill-rating-system   would be a help once the population is larger. Or at least get rid of the materials cap so a player can continue to accrue mats even beyond the amount needed for the next immediate upgrade so a player is never in a position where the materials they receive after dying just disappear. 


    In its current state a player can receive absolutely nothing for their time in game, frustrating for a working adult with a busy schedule, and this is only the second game I know of where a player can get nothing for time in game (the other being Dark Souls which I absolutely do NOT play, lol).


    In contrast consider another F2P game; World of Tanks, where you always earn SOME silver & XP (the two things you need to obtain better tanks) no matter how bad you do. As long as you don't sit totally AFC an entire match or self destruct your vehicle by driving off a cliff or into a lake / ocean you get something for your time - even if you literally just drive in circles (granted, if you don't do some damage to an enemy or at least spot an enemy the amount received is very, very small).


    A combination of implementing skill based match making AND eliminating the cap on accruing materials might work out to a fair compromise / alternative to changing the death penalty.


  5. Hard core gamers will certainly disagree with this, but as a VERY casual player I feel the need to make a suggestion.


    As a casual I play strictly for fun, when something ceases to be fun, I just don't play it. Another result of my being a casual is my K/D in shooters is anywhere between .50 and .62 depending on the game. In this game that translates to me actually making it out alive with basic loot only one in three matches, and I have never yet actually gotten the drop.


    That said, only making it out with loot one in three matches combined with loosing everything when you die makes the grind incredible for the casual player. This is exacerbated by the fact that once you reach the max amount of materials for the next upgrade you cease accruing mats. It does me no good to get 915 mats when I die when I'm already maxed out at the 6000 for the next upgrade and that 915 mats just goes into the digital void because my counter can't go above the max for the next upgrade.


    I propose that the death penalty be reduced to 50% of your loot going away with a RNG mechanic in place to randomly select what that 50% is comprised of. That way players who die more often than they live and / or get a kill can still feel like they're making progression.


    Now, I'm not trying to convince hard cores to agree with me, I already know from other games and other forums that any conversation along those lines devolves into "GIT GUD" and "But a game should be fun" - already heard that. So, hard cores, just stay calm and realize that I'm making this post for the game developers to see, I'm not trying to convince you personally to be less hard core. Just realize some folks play strictly for fun, and still want to have fun even if they're not that great. :don11:

  6. 7 hours ago, Skitelz7 said:

    So you have to break down weapons to get weapons parts so you can craft new weapons? 

    How does that work exactly? 


    Yes, and it has to be the same weapon of the blueprint from what I can tell. So let's say you want an AK blueprint, so that you can make more, that means you'll have to deconstruct at least the first 5 AKs you loot to have the blueprint for it. At least that's how I'm understanding the mechanic.

  7. You not only need to move to get loot, but you have to move to avoid being killed by radiation.


    I just think some kind of scope, even if it's not a very high mag. would introduce the ability to have other play styles instead of everything being frantic CQB.


    Since I'm not chatting with anyone when i play I haven't been wearing my Turtle Beach headset, just TV speakers, maybe that's why I'm not hearing the sound of the bullets impact.

  8. This may be in the works already, but I wanted to ask / suggest that at some point there be scoped and red dot / holographic sited weapons. So far every weapon I've used has been iron sights. It would be great to get a magnifying scope with reticle or a red dot site. I know this game is set in the '90s, but red dot sites really came into being in 1975 with the Aimpoint Electronic. (There were some as soon as the end of WWII, but this was the first mass produced commercially available).


    Also, hit markers / registers when hitting your enemy. There's no visual feedback as to whether or not you're hitting your target. No health bar going down, no numbers popping up to indicate how much health you're taking away. I think a health bar would be bad for this game, but maybe make an opponent grunt / moan very loudly when hit and a very visible splash of blood where you hit. I know some games don't like blood because they want a very inclusive ESRB rating, but Vigor is PEGI 16 which equates to ESRB M, so blood on your target when hitting shouldn't be a problem rating wise.



  9. 3 hours ago, Nic727 said:



    i’m new here and I got a key. I started to play, but find it hard to find a goal in this game.


    you spawn, find loot, camp the drop zone or leave with the loot... After that I don’t know what’s the point of this game.


    When I heard that Arma devs were creating a survival game in Norway after a nuke destroyed Europe, I was happy, but for now it’s not the idea I had of the game.


    I know this game is really early in development, so I hope more stuffs will come.


    thank you


    My impression is that it's a circle of making your shelter better to be able to craft better gear to be better in the MM areas to be better at looting to make the shelter better....


    So far I've mainly just been grabbing loot and then leaving - doesn't seem worth it at low levels to really try for the crate - not when your weapon is a WWII grease gun with iron sights anyway.


    Weapon blueprint progression seems like it will be quite a grind.

  10. 5 hours ago, Buloee said:

    the thing thats different here is there is no objective. there is no goal other than staying alive. so if you get dumped mid game, then whats the issue? you arent loosing anything. you dont have to acclaim points to get into first place as there is no first place.


    Well, you do have a goal as I indicated in my earlier reply. They have said that the best items in the game are only acquirable through the wooden crate dropped in the supply drop. I had written "I could already see if players got dumped in mid-match here situations where your spawn is so far away from a player with the wood crate you'd never have a chance to intercept."


    Therefore, if you get put into a match mid-match after someone has already secured the crate and have made it very close to the exit and you spawn far away from them then that entire time is wasted for you because you have no chance of catching up to and killing the player with the wood crate to get it.


    If this happens to you often then your chances of ever getting a wood crate yourself go down exponentially if you have X matches where you don't even have the opportunity to get the wood crate yourself because you're getting spawned in mid-match right before someone goes out the exit with the crate.


    If they were going to spawn you in mid-match they would need to code it to where players are only spawned into matches that are underway where the wood crate has not been picked up by any of the players in that match, or better yet, only before the crate is dropped in the drop zone. 

  11. Hate to double post consecutively in the same thread, but I need to add that SOMETHING has got to be done with the match making for the MP areas. The highest I got was 5/8 and then it would drop to 4/8 or 3/8.


    Not going to stay in game just wondering around the shelter, if I can't actually play the game there's no point.


    I'll try again each night, but after 5 or 10 minutes if I can't actually get in a match I'll be doing something else with the rest of my evening.


    Would like to play / test out this game but that's not possible with the current state of match making for the multi-player areas.



  12. I'm having a similar issue where I can't seem to easily get the gauze bandage out of my hand and equip a weapon. I end up running around with this roll of gauze in my hand like I'm going to use it to choke someone out. (That would be a hilarious assassination animation, creeping up behind someone and choking them to death with your bandage, lol).

  13. I either read it somewhere, or heard it on the developer live stream video on YouTube that they are sending codes out in waves and have not stopped. It's possible you may still get one (I think - simply my opinion not necessarily factual).


     I received mine yesterday, 12 JUL 18 - did anyone get one sooner than that?

  14. Dumping people into a match in progress has its downsides for the person being dumped in mid-match. How many times in Halo and/or Destiny did you get dumped mid-match on the losing team so far behind you didn't have a chance.


    I could already see if players got dumped in mid-match here situations where your spawn is so far away from a player with the wood crate you'd never have a chance to intercept.


    World of Tanks uses a system similar to Vigor. As tanks die or players quit they are not replaced. You never get dumped mid-match in WoT and matches have a 10 or 15 minute timer.


    Now granted you're not exploring for loot in WoT so I do see a need to give folks more time to get to explore.


    Vigor feels a little similar to The Division, maybe adopt some mechanics from The Divison's dark zone play.

  15. 19 hours ago, survivorking said:

    I get the same waiting for sever this has been going on since 4 my time are the severs have problems?


    My best guess, since this is a closed preview and they're releasing access codes in waves, is that it's a player population to server ratio issue. In other words there's still relatively a small number of players, and we're getting scattered across many servers instead of being consolidated into only a few. When the game fully releases lots of servers will be a good thing, but with a small player base right now it appears to be placing us on servers with few players. 


    Also, hopefully? The servers are taking your ping / latency into consideration as well. It may be there's not a lot of people who have good ping to the same as you so you get sent to the one where you have low latency but few other people are.


    If that's the case you have to decide at what point you're willing to deal with high ping /lag to be on a server with more players.


    Buuuttt..... all of this is pure conjecture on my behalf because I really have no idea what the back end looks like at all.

  16. 12 hours ago, Locklear said:

    The red circle has nothing to do with radiation, it indicates an approximate airdrop landing zone. It will be changed later to green, so it doesn't look like danger (although it kind of is, when more people try to get the airdrop :D). The radiation direction is indicated by an arrow in one of the map corners. It will be indicated more clearly later. When the radiation starts creeping it, the Geiger counter starts to tick slowly. When you are in the radiation, the sound of Geiger is much more intense, and there is a post-process effect on your screen; you can also see your max health dropping at an increasing pace. Hope this helps. :)


    Yes, that does help quite a lot, thanks for taking the time to explain it :rthumb:

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  17. There's a sub-forum specific for suggestions here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/258-suggestions-feedback/

    I agree knives are OP. I was fighting another player that had a shotty, I ran out of ammo for my handgun and switched to knife. Killed him. I'm a casula gamer, in Halo my KD was .52 and it's .61 in WoT, so if this casual killed a shotty wielder with a knife, they OP. :)


    I won't regurgitate the rest of what you said, but I experienced those same issues and agree with you.



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