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  1. This may be because the game is still being worked on, but I did notice that your weapons stay on your body even when equipped. So if you equip a long arm you see it in your hands and also still on your back. Same thing with sidearm and knife.
  2. Dredd1973

    Browse inventory?

    How do we browse our inventory in the inventory screen? While I’m in it anything I do effects my character and doesn’t change what’s highlighted in the inventory.
  3. Dredd1973

    just a few of my concerns

    There's a sub-forum specific for suggestions here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/258-suggestions-feedback/ I agree knives are OP. I was fighting another player that had a shotty, I ran out of ammo for my handgun and switched to knife. Killed him. I'm a casula gamer, in Halo my KD was .52 and it's .61 in WoT, so if this casual killed a shotty wielder with a knife, they OP. :) I won't regurgitate the rest of what you said, but I experienced those same issues and agree with you.
  4. Dredd1973

    Cant play fully

    I couldn't find enough players to go from shelter to multiplayer either, I kept backing completely out of the game and then going back in, after a few times I was able to do multiplayer.