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    consumerables rework

    Besides that you normally disinfect a wound before you bandage it, I find this is really a great idea!
  2. For my taste, I find way too much ammo in the game. Finding ammo should be harder or/and more expensive to craft. You should really have to think more if you open fire on someone (especially automatic weapons). Another point that came in mind are traps. Maybe bear traps in the woods or booby traps in buildings (of course with a slight visual indicator). In other ways things to look out and watch, while you run wild looting.
  3. schluesselbart

    Weapon scopes & target hit indicators

    I´m not sure if i like the idea of weapons with scopes and red dot aiming. Don´t you think i would increase the amount of campers? A hit indicator like blood or moaning would be a good idea imho.
  4. schluesselbart

    People teaming up and no gamertags to report

    I don´t see the problem either. Especially when there are more players then now, i don´t think you can intentional coordinate teams with friends. And spontaneous team building based on the situation is OK and part of the idea.
  5. Just played the game a little bit for the first time and I´m impressed how good it already feels. First two toughts, did you concider to add a stamina meter and falling damage in the future? Feels a little weird to jump from roofs and run endlessly without breaking sweat.