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  1. Ok, another question and it's kind of related.. So in my mission I require the player to have different states, I would like each state to have a name, I tried creating an array for this but it never works.. _uniform = ["hostile","unfriendly","friendly1","friendly2","friendly3","friendly4"]; _uniform select 0; I thought this would set 6 different states and select the first. To check what state the player is in I had this code to find out what state they were in.. if (_uniform=="unfriendly") then { This never works, what am I doing wrong here?
  2. Thanks, so shall I put that into my init.sqf as it will be used throughout my mission? Thanks for that, I now understand how to make my own states, much appreciated. Just to confirm, I put the top line into the ini.sqf. Just out of curiosity why did you use 'TAG_fnc_myStates' as I just found out I can just put '_state1 = false' and that works too? Thanks again :)
  3. Hello there, I need to have 5 'states' for my current mission, these states will be referenced by scripts throughout the mission, they won't be in order and can change at any time, how does one set up 5 new states that the editor will recognise in my scripts. Basic states for reference to mission objectives and current condition numbering 1-5. For instance I have a certain weapon and if a certain mission was done, the condition would be 4, I can then use these conditions throughout the mission. Help will be appreciated.