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  1. any software i need in order to make my own custom crosshairs?
  2. awesome patch, but hey! is it possible to run this patch through steam? so like when i press play on steam, it launches 2 01 ver instead of 1 99? it would be just convenient for me that way. thank you
  3. sneksta

    best ww2 mod?

    thank you so much fellas.
  4. sneksta

    best ww2 mod?

    is there a good ww2 mod that i could download and play? if so, any links? its hard to find any. thank you for your help.
  5. sneksta

    Extended Effects

    so id really want to try this mod out on my fresh installed vanilla ARMA CWA rn, but i get this error message: Preprocessor failed on file resource.cpp - error 1 whats this and how do i fix it? thank you. Edit as of April 20: nevermind this post actually, i figured out my problem. i love this mod, everything is perfect, imo. the bullet crackling is the best thing ever, war is now even more exciting in ofp.
  6. Hello, fellas. Is there any possible way to download more maps for Arma CWA? Or islands? I tried to google any, and nothing of sort came by.