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  1. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    I've been slacking a bit lately but here we go http://www.denoutlander.com/2018/09/det-har-gatt-en-stund.html But I finally got time to sit down and write again
  2. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    It's been a while, but here's my latest blog post https://www.denoutlander.com/2018/08/noen-flere-tanker-pa-vigor_24.html
  3. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    http://www.denoutlander.com/2018/08/lr-mer-om-vigor.html Latest post is up
  4. Den Outlander

    Attacking players shelter

    I agree, not something I'd like to see. Can't see it working to be honest, as the Shelter is your progression system, it would be like playing an RPG and losing progress each time you got killed.
  5. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    My latest post is up, my take on the backstory behind Vigor. Oops looks like I shared the wrong link last time here's the right one http://www.denoutlander.com/2018/07/hva-om.html
  6. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    Some post Closed Preview thoughts http://www.denoutlander.com/2018/07/hva-jeg-vil-se-i-spillet.html
  7. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    latest post http://www.denoutlander.com/2018/07/mine-tanker.html
  8. Den Outlander


    thanks for sharing
  9. Den Outlander

    Excitement thread

    My excitement level is off the charts after watching the livestream, haven't been this excited about a new game in a long time, think I broke the refresh button on my gmail
  10. Den Outlander

    Vigor Blog

    I got so excited by the idea of Vigor I began a blog about it. It's in its early days so far and the next post will cover todays preview. Please stop by and let me know what you think. Definitely open to suggestions. http://www.denoutlander.com/