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    Maximum sea depth

    The only way you could increase the depth of a current map is to increase the sea level. Making the sea floor deeper would require actually modifying the original map in some map making tool. You'd need the original map creation files for that. It's the same problem if you wanted to be able to DIG trenches or holes on an existing map. You can't do this by simple scripting or some sort of in-game addon. The Arma maps don't have that flexibility.
  2. Not only is dispersion a problem. The distance at which LMGs, DMRs, and sniper rifles engage targets is too short. There seems to be a hard stop at 750 meters for everything. This makes zero sense.
  3. Hi, since the update, the tracked vehicles are slipping and sliding all over the place far too excessively. This is true of all original Bohemia Arma 3 tracked vehicles on any map, including the original Arma 3 maps. Something to correct pretty quickly.