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  1. Espen Haugen (Firstyminator)

    co10 Escape

    Excellent :) Will try this. Many thanks!
  2. Espen Haugen (Firstyminator)

    co10 Escape

    Got : class Param_TimeOfDay set to 25 (Daytime) and class Param_TimeMultiplier set to 6 (4 Hour cycle) Still starts the server around 2pm, and takes around 20 minutes till night time. Very strange :O
  3. Espen Haugen (Firstyminator)

    co10 Escape

  4. Espen Haugen (Firstyminator)

    co10 Escape

    Hello :) Trying to run Isla Abramia, and having some issues with the time - whatever i set the Params to it still starts at around 2pm and time is running very fast. Around 30 minutes to full darkness. Any setting to override this?
  5. Espen Haugen (Firstyminator)

    co10 Escape

    If you're still open to requests for the next release, would it be a possibility to add a line to the params - where one can turn off the respawn of units (only helicopters with paradrops and reinforcement trucks supply the map with new units) Playing on Beketov right now, and once you've cleared a town - there will be units often spawning just right behind you :) Would maybe be a tad more realistic, if you actually "cleared" the towns to be safe - and the only reinforcement came with trucks and helicopters. Just an idea :) Or could it be as simple as commenting out class AmbientInfantry {}; ?