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    Need help,keep getting kicked out

    Yeah, we're playing a dedi server dw. And its been going on for the past several days. and the problem continues over and over.
  2. My buddy recently got arma 3, and started playing the exile mode with me. The first day he got it, it was working fine. The following days to come he is only able to play for 5-10 minutes before being kicked. No error messages come up, only thing that shows up while ingame is "Exile Dixie Normous has been kicked" And it does this for every server he joins Things tried: Reinstalling arma 3 Reinstaling a3 launcher Reinstalling Exile Reinstalling Hvp Reinstalling battleeye Making a new profile Verifying integrity Reinstalling several mods Please help. Also, i had him pull his RTP knowing some people want that to look at http://pasted.co/617872f2