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  1. [RECRUITING] Special Forces Filling Inaugural Class! www.5thcif.com 5th Special Forces Group Commanders in Extremis Force (CIF) www.5thcif.com Now accepting applications to fill its inaugural assessment course! We have officially opened the doors to begin accepting applications from prospective members. About 5thCIF We are a small faction, currently operating a capacity to simulate an Army Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA). As we grow and expand, we will look to operate at a company size element. Our operations are primarily more advanced and tailored toward small unit tactics. We participate in a variety of operations relating of: Direct Action Special Reconnaissance Counter Terrorism Counter Insurgency Target Acquisition What are we looking for? - Mature (Minimum Age 16, 18+ preferred) gaming professionals. - Minimum 100 hours of Arma 3 experience. - Prior MILSIM preferred but not required. - Fully functional microphone. - English speaking, US resident. A waiver may be applicable for those who can participate 2000 EST. - Capability of contributing a minimum of 4 hours per week for official operations. ** This is not an entry level organization. There is a moderate level of expectation regarding candidates current abilities, maturity and comradery. We want members who are looking for more than just a place to play 2x a week. We want motivated team members interested in developing and serving our organization. Highly motivated, aspiring professionals are encouraged to visit us at: www.5thcif.com