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  1. I don't even want to retexture. I just want to create a few new factions using vanilla assets but with some changes to organisation, loadouts, and classnames, etc. Once I get the basics down I might try and try retexturing and modelling but not now.
  2. Searching Crash Site

    Wonderful. Thanks!
  3. I'm working on a mission in the editor where two helicopters flying together are shot down. The passengers of one helicopter survive the crash, the crew of their helicopter obviously dead, and are assigned the task of searching the other helicopter's crash site for survivors. My problem is that the other helicopter doesn't always crash in the same spot so creating a simple trigger that completes the task when the player enters the trigger zone (the area immediately surrounding the crash site) won't work. What I need to script in the trigger is something like (say the other helicopter is given the variable name "bird") "player within a 10 meter radius of bird;" but I can't figure out how to do this. Is there a command that does this? What other possible workarounds are there? Thanks.
  4. I've been wanting for a while to make custom factions that I can use in the editor and I don't want to use ALiVE's ORBAT tool to do this. I'm really new to modding so I've been looking for guides that cover the whole process of faction and config modding in relative detail that are workable for people without much prior experience in modding but I've come up empty-handed. Do any such resources exist? Where can they be found? Thanks.
  5. I have an invasion force of 32 AI in two AI-piloted Hurons waiting at the BLUFOR base for the player to activate them after clearing the LZ at the objective. No matter what I try, six men from each helicopter will disembark once I run the scenario, which is a problem as it messes with the invasion. I've been trying to figure this out for a while. How do I fix this?
  6. This issue has been causing me significant frustration. It seems like it should be simple, maybe I'm an idiot. I'm using a third-party terrain (Tembelan Island) in the editor. I have a three-man playable team as passengers on a minigun speedboat with a three-man AI team (like SWCC) crewing the boat. I have waypoints set up so that the boat is driven out of the narrow waterways (12 to 15 meters wide) of the base and to the area of operations. However, the AI seems unable to follow the waypoints without slamming the boat into the walls of the waterways. Is there some way I can make the AI follow the waypoints more closely/in straighter lines? Thanks for help!