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  1. I am attempting to publish a custom campaign to the Steam Workshop. I have used Addon Builder and Publisher in BI Tools, but every time I generated a .PBO file of my campaign, the mission files and images would be missing. The campaign would also fail to display in the campaign menu in-game. So, I tried Eliteness, and managed to create a .PBO containing all of my mission files, images, and other essentials. However, upon publishing the campaign and downloading, it still doesn't show up in the campaign menu. Moving the .PBO file to my addons and campaign folders in the ARMA 3 directory doesn't do a thing either. Here's the contents of the .PBO file as seen in PBO Manager: https://i.imgur.com/XkmNEFC.png My description.ext is also below, in case that's a factor: Can anyone help? Thanks.