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    Murshun Easy Way Out

    Well, i really don't know if you're still gonna answer and help people using your old mods. But i really want to know how i make AI Units do it, since i can't find out how. There was this thing about codes like: "[_unit] spawn murshun_easywayout_fnc_suicide_AI;" But that doesn't really seem to work. Where do i put the code, because the INIT thing under AI Units doesn't do anything either. I really like playing as Zeus, and making AI go against AI, just for myself. No other players included. An example is, if i want this informant to commit suicide before being taken and interrogated? And don't really like the rubbish END button death? How do i put your mod to use here, because i can't find any way to do it. I've tried putting a code in the INIT thing on AI, i've tried doing it with the unit having a pistol out too, but no result. I've tried doing both and used Remote Control to try and do it, but still no result. It doesn't pop up under Equipment. Doing it when just playing as myself (not controlling AI) works fine. Has this problem to do with the Unofficial Upload on Steam that some guy posted, and gave you credit for?
  2. emilmflarsen

    Can i run Arma 3?

    Alright, thanks for info. I just wanted to know what would happen if i play with bad gear.
  3. emilmflarsen

    Can i run Arma 3?

    I sit here and wants to buy Arma 3. But i don't have a beastly PC, so i'm scared i can't run it, after paying a lot of money. The minimum requirement for processor seems to be something with 2.4 Ghz, but my laptop only has 1.90 Ghz. So i wonder, cuz i'm not an expert in this, what will happen when i then buy and play the game? Will it crash, lag, have potato graphics or what? Could be nice if i got an answer asap. (Extra info: We're pretty poor, so the cheapest, but still working fine, solutions may be the best for me)