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    332nd Raptor Company

    332nd Raptor Company About us: We are a highly skilled and professional bunch with the strive to become the best in anything we do. We brand our self highly on the ability to be placed in awkward and difficult situations and being able to adapt and overcome any problem be it a clanker in front of our muzzles or a mental game in hostage rescue we always come out on top with the satisfaction that we did the job and conducted ourselves to the highest of our ability. Our unit is a fully immersive experience that will take you to all reaches of the star wars universe. We offer a flexible and laid back group of men that are always willing to share a joke priding ourselves also on our charisma and high morale. Roles Available -Infantryman -Airborne -Anti-Tank Specialist -Autorifleman -ARF -ARC -CQB Specialist -Grenadier -RTO -Leadership Roles How to join us: Signing up is the easiest part just join our discord and speak to one of our senior personnel and prepare yourself for the training to come! Good luck and we hope to see you in 332nd colours on the battlefield! https://discord.gg/e8e2TQW
  2. zombiemanx12

    Random AA Fire script

    How do you get this to work?