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    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Would anyone be so nice and answer these few questions for me ? Has the A-164 received a bit better engines now ? Since tanks it felt like a brick with a fan strapped to it thrustwise. Are Neo and Wipeout more susceptible to the 20mms of gryphon and wasp ? PvP vs those jets makes me always feel like I am throwing peas at them ? - I would download the update, but I am not at my computer for the next few days.
  2. Good evening, I am trying to place 1 pod of HE shriekers on each outer pylons of the Gryphon. This is the script I have put into the init box: this setPylonLoadOut[3, "PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_HE_F", true]; this setPylonLoadOut[4, "PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_HE_F", true]; When I press OK or hit enter the game tells me the error : Init: "Type Bool, expected Nothing" Can anyone explain why this happens and how to fix it ? I have emptied the pylons using the pylon settings menu.
  3. The line further away is from a 5.56 Dual-Purpose (underwater) round, the other from a regular 5.56. My question is: Why does the 5.56 DP perform so bad above water ? Tecnically, since air resistance is much lower than water resistence, the bullet should go further than ~60m before starting to drop, shouldn't it ? If someone could provide me with some info I'd be thankful.