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  1. I tryed to add the agm 65L to the Fir aws version of the EF2000 but i could select it ingame. i added "FIR_AGM65L_P_1rnd_M_eaws" to the weapons.hpp and magazines.hpp files.
  2. if it is not too much work could you make your mod compatible with SABRE since the armor doesn't even stop small calibers anymore when having both sabre and fir active
  3. im using the dedicated servers from the steam tools section
  4. i got 600 mods in my mods folder but i only want to enable 200 but i dont want to copy them all in my arma 3 server folder is there a faster way with you programm?
  5. Dentist2904

    ASOR Vehicle Selector

    so im trying to get the rhs IFV's to work but they just dont show up in the menu i got the tanks to work but but not them