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    [SOLVED] CAData error on server

    Problem is that CUP Terrain Core is already on our server.
  2. I'm trying to start mission on server of our clan but every time I get CAData error in log: Warning Message: 15:02:10 Warning Message: Addon 'A3_Map_dingor' requires addon 'CAData' So... can you help me solve this? What should I reinstall or download on server? SOLVED: Lingor+Dingor addon wasn't up to date.
  3. CH33KI GUY

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Problem with transmission beeps. Sound that plays every time I send a radio message or somebody send me a radio massage just disappeared 2 months ago. I really need that because I am RTO in my squadron and I can't recognize LR transmission from SR transmission. Is there any way to turn it on BECAUSE I TRIED IT SO MANY TIMES IT MAKES ME CRAZY. Thanx for your time if replyed.
  4. Is there any way or addon that allows to fire from rocket lancher while in prone. It is normaly used technique in army. We should be able to prone while using rocket lancher!