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  1. Ernst Alfred

    Am I allowed to use BI 3d models for modding?

    Ok. So that means that, basically, I have to make my own 3d models then?
  2. Hey! Am I allowed to use the model of FV510 Warrior (Mora?) in AAF config to create a Swedish based version of it? And if yes, am I allowed to distribute the result on steam workshop? This might be obvious to some, but as a newcomer in the topic of license and stuff I don't know snyting about the matte... Regards, Robin
  3. Ernst Alfred

    AI mortar fire loop -I stan clueless

    Tanks! I'll look intro it.
  4. Ernst Alfred

    AI mortar fire loop -I stan clueless

    @redarmy So if I want your script to be going in a loop until deactivated, all I need to do is adding the last: _pos = [ (_center select 0) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), (_center select 1) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), 0 ]; _mortar commandArtilleryFire [ _pos, getArtilleryAmmo [_mortar] select 0, 1 ]; sleep 6; Or did I get it wrong? Because my goal is to get a loop which just continues until deactivation. Otherwise, won't the script become too long? I really appreciate the help!!
  5. Ernst Alfred

    AI mortar fire loop -I stan clueless

    *I deleted this post as it was irrelevant, sry :P *
  6. Hey. I am clueless. I want to make a loop for an AI mortar. The goal is to have the mortar shell a specific place every 30 seconds om e activated by a blufor present trigger. And it has to work in mp. Needless to say, as a very fresh recruit in arma I'm pretty lost. I understa d coding fairly well but this, I don't even know where to start... Thankfull for ideas or help, Ernst Alfred