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  1. Ok here's how it works (based on what i saw). Typing on my phone, so spelling mistakes may be present, also can't figure out how to do spoiler things so cryptic but if you are on that mission you should know what i mean. The AE is in a wood transmitting a signal that is picked up by your science doohickey-whatsamajig thingy with the old tv aerial attachment. Listen in on that freq. (Frequency) and press 'f' to bring up the sound databank. Select noise and 'fire' it at the source (indicated by the popping circles). Keep firing the noise, this causes the AE to begin transmitting on a different freq. as indicated by a new yellow chevron on the science gadget's display. Listen in on that freq. and fire noise at that signal. You may have to move a bit closer, but be careful not to move too close as you will 1) get a warning from command, 2) pulse waves will hit you temporarily disabling the science gadget and 3) if you still don't get the hint, you get probed... ok not probed but it's not pleasent. Keep firing the noise at the 2nd freq. and it will stop transmitting and then a 3rd will appear. Repeat on this freq. and you have cleared this portion of the mission. Bear in mind this is still a new campaign and patches may be needed but just keep aligned with the source and firing until you see a new freq. This is also chained so you need to fire at the first source, then second, then third. If you mess up, 2nd and subsequent freq.s disappear and you have to start back at first. Hope this helps.
  2. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    Logged in, got to lobby and spawned on the Map. Stanhope and Savage thank you both very much for the time and assistance with this
  3. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    Ofcourse Savage... I have seen two possible issues with Cartridge casings and RHS GREF. I'm just going to try removing them and restarting the map. If i get a error I'll repost the log from that
  4. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    All from steam; Enhanced movement CBA_A3 RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF ACE ACE compatability patches for RHS AFRF, USAF, and GREF APEX to RHS mag compatability CUP Terrains - Core Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Rappelling Cartridge Cases Chemical Warfare Project OPFOR NIArms All in one Task Force Radio GRAD Trenches 3CB BAF Vehicles NATO Demining Drone 3CB BAF Equipment FA-18 Superhornet Armaholic: cTab Grace Sway The Map is Malden 2035 Vanilla
  5. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    My 'editor' mod set (i.e. the set i load in the launcher when making the missions) is the same mods but with 3den enhanced (which shouldn't need to be on the server), ZEC Zeus and Eden Templates/Building Compositions and Achilles (both of which I'm told work only client side, the Zeus being the only person to require them, but am ofcourse open to correction). As an aside on that the zeus module is set to server admin log in. When playing I use a separate loadset that doesn't have those mods or the cartridge casings mod installed (as that only works server side). Is that my problem? Thanks
  6. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    That worked. If I put a mission down with just a default character and an ace arsenal box, with the same mods, it worked. Another thing is this error "Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.Malden\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item1971.type: Vehicle class Land_Posed no longer exists" was resolved by removing the 6 Marshalls and 1 fuel hemtt i had down (vanilla no mods). I may be doing this wrong, but when you run a server, does any mission you load have to be the default map and player characters, as any buildings/vehicles put down in the editor prior to saving and exporting will give errors?
  7. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    According to the server control panel the server is still up... whenever i try and join i get caught in this endless loop of trying to connect with the lobby, and stuck on a loading screen that flickers with the error messages running up the screen. As far as i can tell from the logs ACE has parts of it missing, CUP Terrains - Core has the config file missing, and the header is missing from the description.ext. Is there a way for me to tell if it's ARMA that's crashing because of an error my side?
  8. J. Murphy

    Help with Server Error

    Hey Stanhope, every time I try to join the server to test it, i get the restart for battle eye, ARMA restarts and then am stuck on a grey screen. I can't even get into the lobby.
  9. Any help on this would be appreciated. Been trying for 8-ish plus months to try and figure this out. I have a feeling it's either a mod conflict or it's not downloaded properly. I've verified the integrity from steam, repaired the mod through the option in the launcher but still having issues, with the same 16 lines being repeated after 'Starting Mission'. Error log below; Description.ext below; Insignia.JPG is in the actual mission folder with the mission.sqm and description.ext This is probably something very simple I'm doing wrong due to a lack of experience but any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  10. J. Murphy

    Units not showing after linking steam account

    It appears that it has corrected itself... with my unit now showing up in launcher and on profile. No idea what happened but thank you bohemia
  11. Looking for some help if anyone could oblige me? I linked my Steam and Bohemia Accounts last night, but got no confirmation that the two were linked other than the steam "you're logging in from a new device, please enter this code" email. Since then when I load up the launcher it doesn't show my unit, and says the accounts aren't linked. It also shows in my in game profile that I have no unit, which is slightly concerning as I'm currently in the process of founding a unit. As a note everything was working perfectly fine before i linked the account. It also appears that instead of linking to my steam account it has created a totally new steam account. Does anyone know of a) how to fix this so i am actually shown as a part of a unit and b) to either delete the linked account or link my bohemia account with teh steam account i play and bought the game on? I tried looking online and most of them seem to be resolved by a PM on here from from Bohemia. Any help to sort this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance