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  1. Hi. Can I ask on which parameters in config does the category of vehicle in multiplayer score depend? It seems that it is not VArmor or VSoft, because I have one well-defined tank, which is indicated as soft in score for some reason.
  2. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    In this case there is a double, with one vehicle I cannot get in and one I can (when 2 players).
  3. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    Of course, but what is wonderful that it is about only one vehicle.
  4. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    I can get in, but I cannot test a doubling quickly, and logically it must be. I suspect it is about config, but cannot even imagine what in config could create such a complicated bug.
  5. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    It is special action added by script in OFP. And ?!(local GameLogic): exit is used to prevent doubling. And it actually prevents it for all vehicles, but the problem is that for a certain vehicle it creates an impossibility to get in.
  6. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    Yes, under ?!(local GameLogic): exit condition. Yes, but with a double. By action menu through createVehicle. There is get in animation without result and then return back to original standing animation.
  7. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    Yes, it seems to be, because the problem is precisely with one vehicle. But I cannot understand what in config can cause such a specific bug. To summarise: 1. The problem is with only one vehicle. 2. The problem is when I use ?!(local GameLogic): exit parameter. Otherwise problem disappears, but doubling emerges. 3. Reveal does not help. 4. There are no doubled scripts. 5. The delays are provided. I would be satisfied simply by a way to delete odd vehicles.
  8. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    Well, when the vehicle is created without ?!(local GameLogic): exit parameter there is no problem with getting in. But without it the notorious problem of vehicle doubling arises. So my question is - is there any working script to delete all vehicles except one after (while) creation?
  9. Dunkelheit II

    Cannot get in vehicle in multiplayer mission

    It is simply createVehicle with ?!(local GameLogic): exit parameter. PublicVariable also does not help.
  10. Hi. There is a certain vehicle in multiplayer mission, which neither players nor ais cannot get in. Vehicle is created by respawn, there is get in menu, get in animation, but it is as if busy. MoveIn\AssignAs\OrderGetIn commands don't help. There are no lags, vehicle is not locked, the side is proper and all works offline in the same mission. What can be the cause of this?
  11. Hi. Tell me, please, on which parameters, except hit, armor and threat, depends unit's (non) attacking of certain vehicle on normal distance and with full field of vision?
  12. Simply to identify created vehicle in the second script without transmission of local variables. Reference to distance was presicely an instrument to do it locally, but not very necessary. Some general questions: 1. Why should we use a bundle of ?!local server : exit and publicVariable if the command is already global? 2. What will be if "?!local server : exit" and "?!(local _vehicle) : exit" would be used in the same script? 3. Can I proceed this way: _vehicle = yourVehicle; publicVariable "yourVehicle"?
  13. OK, but how to identify vehicle through nearestObject, if no variable is used by this operator, only class name? Adding something like @yourVehicle to the second script is useless.
  14. I assign it to local variable and then try to do some operation in subsequent scripts, the core of which is to find a vehicle through nearestObject (without transmission of variables, it is impossible). Also I'm trying to make a marker for it in another script. And yes, I would precisely wanted to know how to use publicVariable for this purpose. I have no global variables at all in this context.
  15. Hi. Sorry for old theme, but my question is about createVehicle in multiplayer missions. It is well known that to prevent doubling of created vehicle in multiplayer missions ?!(local GameLogic): exit should be used. But how to preserve the identity of such vehicle? Suppose we have a bundle of scripts, first of which creates the vehicle and others are about operation with it. But when we deal with a doubling in the first script, the identity of the object seems to be lost for other scripts. I mean that the object is visible for players, it has no double, but it is as if invisible for other scripts or for machines that execute these scripts. Adding ?!(local GameLogic): exit to all scripts does not help. I suppose here that mission works properly when we start it locally through multiplayer.