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  1. SpartanFENIX07

    Cannot Host Games nor Join some games

    Update: Nothing had worked, thankfully my friend figured out how to play Arma with Hamachi enabling permissions on the firewall Thanks for the help
  2. SpartanFENIX07

    Cannot Host Games nor Join some games

    Thanks for the advice, I've already changed to set exceptions on the Firewall and for trying to help me. Network Provider said that it might be my modem the one that's causing the trouble, It'll be changed son, I'll advice any changes for people that may need this
  3. SpartanFENIX07

    Cannot Host Games nor Join some games

    Yeah I did, I've also spoken with Customer Service from IZZI and they helped me to set the port forwarding (2303, 2303) I've also checked if Steam Port was working (which it did), my firewall is turned off and I still got the same problem.
  4. Hello, I have some (a lot) of problems with joining my Friends and play Arma 3, whenever I try to join them they receive Server not Responding message, (the same happens if I try to join them), but in very VERY few cases I can join and play some A3 Please Help I've tried a lot, Port Forwarding, Hamachi, Evolve, nothing seems to work. I've got IZZI as Internet Provider Edit 1- I've got Windows 10 and I've activated UPNP on services.cmd but it still doesn't work