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    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Why in the world is everyone getting caught up with this? DCS is a sitting VR sim, it doesn't require me to build a G-force simulator or any nonsense like that. You just sit there, like normal, except you see with depth. We want sitting VR for the immersion
  2. Sightline

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Cool, I was just confirming that you have no legitimate reason.
  3. Sightline

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Why?, because you said so? I don't know what's up with the anti-VR shilling, but MSFS 2020 renders any part of the planet as you fly along. Furthermore motion controllers would be fine I guess, but I'll be seated when playing just like I do in DCS.
  4. Sightline

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    I have about 3200 hours in Arma III but I stopped playing after getting a VR headset because the immersion from VR is a billion times better than looking at a flat screen. The devs need to grab a HP Reverb or Varjo headset. I don't think anything needs to be changed really, menus in DCS are mostly the same regardless if you're in VR or not.