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  1. I have one Question abouth the T-140 angara Tank of the Tank DLC. Do have the Tank an active Protection System against Missiles?. I have played the mini Campain and do some Tests in the Editor. I can detect the incominc Missiles on Radar, an alert sounds and so on.. the first Missile causes no damage, but then the second kills me. This every time and from Front or 30 degrees sideways sloped There are Launchers visible on both Turret Sides with 12 cartridges each.. an a upwards directed VLS type Launcher in the Turret. Is this functional stuff or more Eye Candy? The Tank is a digital copy of the real T-14 Armata.. russion Battle Tank... but with no fuctional Aps is the Tank to weak . Hehas a weak easy penetrable Turret.. APC can penetrate the Front easily. Where is the opportunity of this Tank when the APS dous have no function. The Same on the Slammer alias Merkava.. There is a trophy aps mountet visible on both turret sides.. SANME result.. but somtimes destroyed with 1st Hit Or i misundertanding here something?