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    [Release] Notification System

    thank you very much, super clean and beautiful what to ask for more
  2. it works now, stupid error on my part, a big thank you to you.
  3. Hello everyone, I already have to apologize for my english, this is not my native language. I come to ask your help for a concern of dialog, I am working on an administrator menu. it even built up, from a listbox to list the possible actions. I would like to add "spacer" to enter the cough more clear, my listbox and filled with a loop foreach, in the array I have an element that allows me to signify that this element and a title, I get well recovered the target element, but impisible to change the eur appearance. code : //Purge List Exec list lbClear _listExec; { _Element = _ElementExecFil select _forEachIndex; _DysplayName = _Element select 0; _ActionExec = _Element select 1; _TypeElement = _Element select 3; if (_TypeElement == "TITLE") then { _listExec lbSetColor [(lbSize _listExec)-1, [1,0.3,0.4,1]]; _listExec lbAdd format ["%1", _DysplayName]; }else { _listExec lbAdd format ["%1", _DysplayName]; }; _listExec lbSetdata [(lbSize _listExec)-1, _ActionExec]; } forEach _ElementExecFil; I try more solution : - lbSetColor - parseText but nothing changes, no error in the log. thank you in advance for your help \m/