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  1. MGM Foods

    thanks! water would be good, but I can't imagine that's effect...
  2. MGM Foods

    v1.1 Add Redgull Add treatment history when eat food
  3. MGM Foods

    yes. anything you can do
  4. MGM Foods

    energy drink idea is very great! Thank you
  5. MGM Foods

    MGM Foods MGM Foods is add eatable food in arma3 require ACE3, Advanced fatigue enable Food list MRE Redgull How to eat foods 1. Go get some Foods. 2. Open ace medical menu or self-interaction medical -> Head. 3. Let's eat! Effect of food MRE - Restores stamina. Redgull - Recovery speed is doubled then MRE, but heart rate is increased Optional addons mgm_foodszeus = foods not shown to virtual arsenal. Only zeus can spawn foods MRE Box Supplies -> Ammo -> Mre Box 12ea Credit Model by SEOI. Sound by sonniss ROYALTY-FREE sound. Sound script by Belbo. Download
  6. MGM Grips

    v1.5.2 Fixed NIarms compat (Not shown rhs grips)
  7. MGM Grips

    v1.5 Add RVG grips Rework models Adjust some grip colors v1.5.1 Compatible NIArms weapons (Angle grips is not match the hand animation!)
  8. MGM Grips

    Wow.. My friend "Bill Red" will send PM soon.
  9. MGM Grips

    Umm... Does that mean you're officially adding it to RHS? If so, this would be one of the most glorious things in my life.
  10. MGM Grips

    v1.4 Add Tac-Sac Grip Jesus
  11. MGM Grips

    Get your balls
  12. MGM Grips

    v1.3 Add KAC Vertical Grip
  13. MGM Grips

    v1.2 Add Tangodown stubby grip
  14. MGM Grips

    Thank you. I'll try best.
  15. MGM Grips

    v1.1 Rename to "MGM Grips" Add Fortis shift vertical grip v1.1.1 Bug Fixes