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  1. Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    Thank you! it works) Thx thx thx
  2. Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    But what if i want to create something like Zeus Teleporter (ares extension)? The only way to do such teleporter is to add something in mission files? No alternatives?
  3. Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    Howdy, partners! So the question is simple: is it possible to make teleport script at the dedicated server, BUT only using an admin debug console (without interfearing into mission init files)??? I've been trying some thing like this: but the thing is that it is only works for myself. Another players couldnt be able to use it anyhow. As far as i know the problem is with "player" variable. But i didn't get how to replace it (in that case) with anything else. Thank you for spending your time answering.