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  1. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    AnimationPhase and sequence of the animation

    Howdy! Guys i've stucked with animations sequence( The main thing is that it doesn't work correctly. Model.cfg: config.cpp: Important thing to mention is that i decided not using the "statements and conditions" because i'm planning to use this not only with doors. So what i did: I've created a mission, placed this door , and called it "dwer". in the ini field i wrote [this] execvm "bronedwer.sqf" bronedwer.sqf: [dwer, ["turn Rod1", {dwer animate ["rod1", 1];} ]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; [dwer, ["turn Rod2", {dwer animate ["rod2", 1];} ]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; if (((dwer animationPhase "rod1")<0.5) and ((dwer animationPhase "rod2")<0.5)) then { dwer setVariable ["rdy_2open", true, true]; waitUntil { dwer getVariable ["rdy_2open", true] }; }else{ hint "it is closed"; }; if ((isNil {dwer getVariable ["rdy_2open", true]})) then { [dwer, ["open!", {dwer animate ["bunker_door", 1];} ]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; }; As the result it didn't set needed variable. If i'm typing "dwer setVariable ["rdy_2open", true, true];" into debug console - action appears. =( I'm not an experienced one with Arma, especially in coding =( Thanks for any kind of info!
  2. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Paths, AI Logic and Height

    And it couldn't be done, anyhow?
  3. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Paths, AI Logic and Height

    Howdy! So, to describe my issue i would like to show you guys some things i've discovered: I've created a tunnel with paths in it with all recommendations from devs, and it's worked perfectly BUT! it works well only if my object is landed on a terrain. If it's not the AI behavior starts being unstable. he starts walking forward-backward near the paths' Pos position, unable to stand on the position And as heigher i lift my tunnel as widely and unstable the AI's "walking" becomes. And, finally, ai leaves the given paths and just falls onto the ground... The second thing is about using DoMove instead of. I've find out an interesting thing: With DoMove command AI could easily walk from point A to point B (on my pic i've used two arrows as a positions). But it will work with static objects. For example, i've added two NPCs. One has been given DOmove command at the arrow point, and after that (a bit later) i've given DoMove to other NPC to "follow the first one". The second one has been following the first for sometime and suddenly has stopped and remained staying on its position. So, my question is simple: is it somehow real to make an AI using paths in objects that are "floating" above the terrain. Thank you!
  4. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    [RELEASE] Editable interaction menu

    Got it! Thank you!
  5. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    [RELEASE] Editable interaction menu

    Doesn't seem to be worked for me =( It says that _condicion variable is undefined in fn_abrirmenu.sqf
  6. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Changing GEO LOD causes model moving on a terrain

    Doesn't seem to be working for me, but anyway thank you(
  7. Howdy! My question is a quite simple: how can i prevent objects from moving after i made changes in GEO lod (such as mass, convexity etc changes)? These objects are placed on a terrain using E2TB addon with absolute position and binarized by projectPBO. But any changes in geo lod causes such problems. Thank you for your advices and your help. Autocenter = 0 in GEO lod's Named Property doesn't help =(
  8. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Zeus pinging sound

    Howdy partners! So the question is: how to prevent other players from making this zeus pinging sound? I don't want to kick or ban players just because of it, but some of them are just tapping Y because they like this zeus song. And it drives me crazy sometimes. So i'd be very thankful if you guys could tell me: is it possible to disable such thing without disabling zeus, or banning people. Or are there some ways to turn these guys into goats, or sheeps? Thank you!
  9. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    Thank you! it works) Thx thx thx
  10. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    But what if i want to create something like Zeus Teleporter (ares extension)? The only way to do such teleporter is to add something in mission files? No alternatives?
  11. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    Howdy, partners! So the question is simple: is it possible to make teleport script at the dedicated server, BUT only using an admin debug console (without interfearing into mission init files)??? I've been trying some thing like this: but the thing is that it is only works for myself. Another players couldnt be able to use it anyhow. As far as i know the problem is with "player" variable. But i didn't get how to replace it (in that case) with anything else. Thank you for spending your time answering.